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    Sagar Sheral
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As a rule, a site that is easier to navigate is by far more popular than one that has complicated navigation options, though the latter might have better features. Easy navigation and product usability are the two catalysts of a good sale.

Often, in the quest to create adequate links to all the landing pages of your website, one tends to bog down the menu with unnecessary tabs that do nothing but frustrate your customer. Conversely, a clean menu helps the customers navigate much more easily, reducing the bounce rate to a large extent.

Created by Looks Awesome, Superfly- Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin offers an elegant solution to your navigation toolbar woes. Introducing a vertical twist to lateral menus, Superfly has sleek, slide-in sidebars that let you add customizable options for easy navigation besides giving your site a trendy look.

Additionally, Superfly allows for a complete overhauling of the menu, from the display, layout and font options, to the stylizing of buttons, icons, and background images, as per your requirements. Especially useful for single page sites and landing pages, Superfly lets you keep menus short and sweet.

Intrigued? Let us check out the plugin features in detail.


Plugin Features


Fully Responsive

As the name suggests, the Superfly Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin is completely, well, responsive and adapts to all screen sizes easily and quickly, without affecting site loading time.

Customizable Background

The plugin has several default background images to choose from, which can either be used as they are or edited as per requirements. Also, it allows for adding a completely new background image, separate from the main display screen.

Various Panel Layouts

Superfly has six different panel layouts for displaying menus. Each of these has customizable font, color and accessibility options making every menu unique. These layouts include:

  • Basic Menu Layout: A standard menu format, it features the requisite page and post links in your sidebar. Like your regular WordPress menu, it can be added on either side of the page and accessed with a click.
  • Navigation Bar Layout: The Navigation Bar is a static vertical bar that displays links as icons to the left of the page. A sliding menu for the sub-levels appears when one hovers over the respective icon links.
  • Always Visible Menu Layout: In this type of layout, the entire first level of the menu is displayed in one go. Further levels can be added which are displayed only after the specific link is clicked or hovered upon.
  • Icon Menu Layout: Superfly supports Font Awesome icons which can be used to give your site a unique feel. An amalgamation of the Basic and Navigation Bar menus, the Icon Menu layout displays menu headings with their respective icons. However, a separate tagline cannot be added here for the menu headings. The panel relies on icons alone. The menu can be translated into five different languages.
  • Full-screen Menu Layout: This mode allows for a full-sized display of the menu on your site, when the menu icon is clicked.
  • Skewed Panel Layout: Recently introduced, the skewed panel layout displays the menu bar as polygon, as opposed to a regular rectangle. This gives a whole new, trendier feel to the site.

Controlled Display

Menus can be selectively displayed for users, non-users, logged in members, specific devices, selected pages or for the entire user base as a whole. This is useful if you want to highlight the menu on particular pages and hide it on others.


In addition, Superfly lets you toggle the menu button settings so that the default menu button can be replaced by any link, icon, image or custom shortcode.

Rich Menu Option

A new feature, the rich menu option lets the developer add levels, images, shortcodes, widgets and content to your sub-panels. You can also add links within the menu to provide quick access to featured posts or pages and also to your social networks.

The menu button can be positioned wherever you want using an X-Y coordinate system.

Multi-level Menu Support

It is possible to add multiple sub-menus within the main menu in Superfly, each of which slides in on being accessed. The maximum number of sub-levels that can be added is four, though it is advisable to keep them minimal for easy navigation.

These adapt efficiently to both mobiles and desktops and are swipe supported.

Separate Section options

Menu items can be grouped into sections and styled separately so that all related categories can be found at one place. This is especially useful for large stores or mega enterprises since the customer finds any given product and all the related products easily.

Superfly integrates well with almost every WordPress theme and the inbuilt menu system. In fact, the Superfly menu makes use of the existing menus built into your site as its source menu. It is also possible to add multiple WordPress menus as sources for Superfly.

The plugin supports all types of websites, from mega-menu systems to single page sites.


Winding Up

The plugin is extremely useful for creating site-specific menus, from trendy, funky ones to classy, elegant ones.

The Superfly – Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin is available at $22 from Envato. Free support is available for the first six months and additional twelve-monthly support can be purchased at a discounted price of $6.60.

With over 600 icons, multiple menu layouts, varied display controls and numerous fonts to choose from, Superfly is a robust, easy-to-use, economical menu builder that generates clean menus at the click of a button!

Sagar Sheral

Sagar Sheral

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