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    Shreya Reddy
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With its roots originating from WisdmLabs, eLucid has successfully established itself as one of the leading powerhouses in the eLearning industry.

Drawing from our expertise in open-source technology, eLucid is a state-of-the-art Enterprise Learning Solution that’s built on top of Moodle. It’s got unique tools to boost employee participation, engagement, information retention, and more.


Change is the only constant, they say. Perpetual innovation and upgrade of an industry in its approach, methodologies, and solutions are all just a part of that change. 

People Matters, the biggest L&D conference in India, throws light on how these positive changes better the L&D industry every year. It hosts prominent names from the industry as speakers and attendees, to empower and guide the learning ecosystem in the right direction.

Some of the known names that marked the People Matters L&D Conference 2019, held on 6th November were Gurcharan Das (Author and Former CEO of Procter and Gamble), Raghav Bahl (Founder and Chairman of Quint, Former MD Network18), Ashish Vidyarthi (Actor, Founder Ashish Vidyarthi Associates) and more. 

This conference provided a great platform for L&D leaders across the globe to uncover some captivating learning ideas, best practices and cutting-edge innovations from the learning and business training aficionados to develop a future-proof workforce.

We are delighted to announce that Team eLucid was a part of this reputable conference, yet again.


A Trip Down Memory Lane

The fast-changing learning ecosystem keeps us on our toes. We, at eLucid, have worked really hard to reach where we are today in the e-learning domain. We believe in leading the way and driving the required change by aligning well with the latest trends (which, of course, are bound to change rapidly). 

Before we dive into the details of the 2019 conference, let’s take a little trip down memory lane and cherish a few moments.

Last year, our eLucid team members, Rajiv and Kushal unveiled the eLucid platform targeted at improving user engagement. They highlighted, how bad user experience can be a barrier to learning. Take a look!


Team eLucid had a wonderful time at the 2018 conference. 

Fast forward to 2019…

The People Matters L&D Conference 2019 aimed to offer complete focus on the crucial aspects of the learning lifecycle, right from developing a narrative on skilling to strategizing to design to execution and impact.

Here’s the list of all the prominent speakers who graced us with their presence this year. 


eLucid and People Matters 2019

This year, we were once again a part of this uplifting conference. We went in all guns blazing in order to contribute to the platform with our approach and expertise.

eLucid at PM L&D Conference 2019

Safe to say, this year rendered even better results than the last. Here are a few pictures from the day

However, we didn’t leave the conference feeling only victorious; we left feeling inspired and reflecting on some wise words and advise by the keynote speakers. 

Raghav Bahl - eLucid Conference

Raghav Bahl, Founder & Chairman of Quint, shared his journey of 25 years in the industry, talking about bracing yourself in the face of adversity and failure. 

“Good times and growth don’t last forever. It is easy to be in a feel good moment. But when the chips are down and when you have to confront failure, when you have to live through adversity that is when you are truly tested as human beings.” 

Gurcharan-Das - eLucid Conference

Gurcharan Das, Author, Commentator, Public Intellectual, Former VP & MD at P&G Worldwide also looked back at his days at P&G, reminiscing anecdotes and shared, 

“There are only three ways of creating competitive advantage – through superior products, lower prices or superior service.” 

Charandeep-David - eLucid Conference

Referring to the changing dynamics of learning today, Charandeep David, Head of Learning and Development (SOB), OYO also rightly said,

“Learning can’t be restricted to one teacher or one classroom because teachers today must be innovators, entrepreneurs, mentors, and motivators.” 

Winding up

In retrospect, the People Matters L&D Conference ‘19 was no less than a tremendously empowering success; not just for the speakers and partners but for everyone who was a part of the day. It was an opportunity to learn about the current trends in the L&D industry, upgrade oneself, gain insight into the industry and grow with the advice of some extremely influential personalities. 


Shreya Reddy

Shreya Reddy

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