7+ Types of Businesses that Effectively Use an Inquiry Button

    Saket Paliwal
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In an online store, the challenge is making sure all customer questions are answered in a timely manner. To do this, stores add a contact form, live chat option, or even a questions and answers section. But one functionality that’s proven to be effective time and again is the “inquiry” button.

What is an Inquiry Button?

Have you ever walked up to a salesman in a store and asked them a question? Well, an inquiry button is a virtual salesman. It’s sitting right there on your web-page for interested customers to use. Buyers can use this unintrusive option to ask you a question or send across a request. How to add an Inquiry Button on WooCommerce Store You can reply to their questions and increase the chances of a purchase. Easy and simple.

How does an Inquiry Button Help?

The primary purpose of an inquiry button is to clear customer doubts. Customer questions, doubts, confusion are hurdles to the buying process. With the help of an inquiry button you can:
  • Clear doubts early on during the purchase – When customers ask questions while browsing the product, you know they haven’t zeroed in on one. They are still evaluating their options and you can send them a suitable reply to convert them into a sale.
  • Lower the chances of returns – By answering customer queries before a purchase is made, you can ensure that they make an informed decision, thus reducing the chances of returns or refunds.
  • Capture genuine leads – You know a customer is interested in a product when they inquire about it. This means that the lead coming your way is authentic and you have a good chance of closing a sale.
  • Update the product page information – Inquiries can be a great source of information and customer questions. Using this content, you can identify data that’s missing on your product page and add it either as part of the product description or FAQs.
  • Negotiate on a good deal – Wholesale buyers, bulk purchasers, retailers might want a good deal on a large order. By sending across a purchase request and inquiring on a price offer, they can nudge for a negotiation. You can then decide on a price that works best for the both of you and close the deal.

Some Case Studies for Your Reference

An inquiry button can benefit all types of businesses. Right from retail, manufacturing, food and beverage, furniture, to art sellers, and more. Here are some examples.

#1 Online Art Auction and Fine Arts Websites

Example: Christopher Clark Fine Art An Artwork or Fine Arts website sells expensive products. Pieces of Art usually do not have a fixed price associated with them. Interested buyers can use an inquiry option to quote a price. The seller can then negotiate and make the sale.

#2 Furniture Design Stores

Example: Authur Brett Quotation plugin can be used on furniture stores where a lot of customisation options are available in a product, the customer can fill the enquiry form with all the necessary details after which the seller can send the quotation to the client.

#3 Equipment Customization, Tools and Machinery Stores

Examples: Farm Supplies Machinery & Equipment, Mocita-China Coffee Machines, Orbital Tools, The Draft Beer Shop, Human Recharge, Restaurant Equipment Engineering tools, household appliances, manufacturing equipment, surgical instruments, are either expensive, need to be customized or are purchased in bulk. For items which are used on a regular basis, buyers might need a special deal before they make a purchase. A quotation and inquiry plugin can be used to let buyers request for prices or make specific modification requirements.

#4 Automobile Stores

Example: Tonnesen Motors, C & L Aviation Products and Services Price negotiation is a given on stores selling expensive products like automobile or aviation parts. A quotation plugin can let a customer negotiate prices based on their needs and the quantity of products to be purchased.

#5 Luxury and Designer Products

Example: Daniel Price A lot of jewellery stores sell designer jewellery – products that are made based on the customer’s order or specially designed for them. Such products don’t have a preset cost and are quoted based on design effort and details involved. An inquiry option is a must in such cases to let customers get a price estimate.

#6 Service Companies

Example: Webagentur Schweiz Companies that sell services such as design, marketing, consultancy do not have fixed prices. They have plans or could have a starting price. Such companies want customers to raise an enquiry before signing a contract. This helps both sides proceed in an informed manner.

#7 Real Estate Renting, Buying, Leasing Websites

Example: Muskoka District Rentals Real Estate is an investment. Whether you’re looking for temporary or long-term accommodation, you rarely decide on making a choice in one go. This is where an inquiry button goes from being an option to a must have. You can also make sure that the inquiry is sent to the real estate agent that’s in charge of the property, rather than a common address.

#8 Retail

Example: Orbis Healthcare, just led + lights Pre-sale questions aren’t a rarity on retail stores. An inquiry option provides a platform for customers to ask such questions before making a purchase.

How to add an Inquiry and Quotation Button on Your WooCommerce Store?

The Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro plugin helps you add an inquiry button on a WooCommerce store. You simply have to install and activate the plugin – and an inquiry button will get added to all product pages.
Product Enquiry for WooCommerce
A “Make an Enquiry”, “Request a Quote” or “Quote to Order” button allows shoppers to enquire about products on your store by asking questions directly from the product page.
Among several things, the plugin settings allow you to:
  • Enable a multiproduct-cart option – instead of customers have to inquire about individual products, you can let them send across a single inquiry or quote request for multiple products at once.
  • Hide/show product price and “Add to Cart” – you can choose to simply keep an inquiry option and hide the product price or “Add to Cart” option for certain or all products.
  • Allow inquiry only on “Out of Stock” products – you can limit questions to only products that are out of stock or not available for purchase.
  • Create and send a quote – when a quotation is requested, you can adjust prices and create a quote specific to the customer from the backend itself. No need for another plugin.
Product Enquiry Pro lets you easily add an enquiry and quote request functionality on your WooCommerce store.

Give Your Business a Positive Edge

Customers have questions when making a purchase. An inquiry button can create a sort of bridge between you and your customers helping them get their queries resolved, and assisting you in increasing sales. Go from being clueless to well informed and give your store the boost it needs. Check out Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro and all the benefits it has to offer.  

Recourses for Further Learning:

WooCommerce: Add an Inquiry Button for Particular Categories Product Enquiry Pro- The Leading Inquiry Plugin for WooCommerce  


  1. How can businesses track and manage inquiries received through the inquiry button? Businesses can track and manage inquiries by integrating customer relationship management (CRM) systems or using built-in inquiry management features in WooCommerce.
  2. Are there any best practices for designing an effective inquiry button? Design the button prominently, use clear and concise language, and ensure it stands out visually while maintaining consistency with the overall design.
  3. Can inquiry buttons help businesses improve customer satisfaction and conversions? Yes, inquiry buttons provide customers with a means to clarify doubts, leading to increased satisfaction, and can potentially improve conversions by addressing concerns before purchase.
Saket Paliwal

Saket Paliwal

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