Wisdm Customer Specific Pricing 4.3.0: Cart Discounts have Arrived!

    Mrunmayee Kulkarni
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Today, we’re super excited to announce a brand new update to Wisdm Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce plugin. And might we say, it’s spectacular. Not only is this update growing the plugin’s functionality, but it’s also helping you experiment with discounting strategies to shoot up order values.

With v4.3.0 we offer you… Personalized cart discounts!!

What are Personalized Cart Discounts? And How to Benefit from them?

Interested customers add products to a cart. It’s the penultimate step to making a purchase. A product added to cart will result in a purchase. But is there something we can do to assure a purchase or increase the order value?

Here’s when cart discounts can help.

Cart discounts can be used to dynamically offer customers discounts on higher purchase values to increase sales. With cart discounts, you can:

  • coax buyers into buying more products,
  • help buyers save on larger orders creating a favorable shopping experience,
  • sell out higher quantities of products, and
  • increase the average order value

Buyers are pleasantly surprised when presented with unexpected saving and that’s what cart discounts let you do. But with Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce, there’s more.

You can add personalization to the mix. With Wisdm Customer Specific Pricing 4.3.0, you’ve got options to

  • set customized cart discount rules for first-time buyers, existing customers, or guest users
  • offer discount percentages for specific products or product categories on items added to the cart
  • create specialized cart discount rules for user roles or groups
  • set an upper-limit on the discount amount awarded
  • exclude certain users, roles, groups, products or categories from being discounted
  • and messages on the product page prompting a user to increase the purchase value for a discount

Adding Cart Discount Rules

To add personalized discount rules on cart values, you’ll find a new option under CSP -> Cart Discounts. Activate the option to be able to set discount percentages. You’ll have three options here:

  • First-time Buyers,
  • Existing Buyers
  • Guest Users

All of the above sections have the same options – to help you create rules, set a maximum discount value, marketing messages to pitch for an upsell, and more.

Let’s take the case of the options available under First-time Buyers (the options for Existing Buyers and Guest Buyers would be the same)


Cart Value Ranges

Here’s where you can decide the range of cart value and associate it with a discount. For example, let’s say you want to offer a 10% discount on a cart value of $100 and above. You have to set the Minimum Cart Value as 100, (do not set the Maximum Cart Value if there’s no upper limit), and the % Discount Value as 10.

Now, let’s say things change, and you want to offer higher discounts on orders of above $200. You have to set the rules as follows:

Minimum Cart Value Maximum Cart Value % Discount Value
100 200 10
201 20

Maximum Discount Value Allowed

Let’s say you want to have a limit on the maximum saving amount that can be availed through cart discounts. For example, “Get 20% off on purchases above $200 till up-to $500”. You’d have to set the field value to $500.

However, it’s important to note that the limit is applied only to cart values. A customer can use a coupon along with the discount for additional savings.

Shop More Button Text

Offer customers an easy way to go back to the shop page and continue shopping with a link to the page right on the cart page.

Message Before Discount Application

Get customers to buy more by making them aware of the savings in-store with a custom message. You can use two placeholders here:

  • [difference-amount] – the amount of additional purchase they’d have to make to qualify for a discount
  • [percent-value] – the percentage of discount applicable

For example, to display the message as “You’re $10 away from getting a 20% discount”, you can set the content as “You’re [difference-amount] away from getting a [percent-value] discount”.


Do note, this message is displayed only when no cart discount is applied. For example, let’s say the minimum amount a buyer needs to add to the cart is $100 to get a 10% discount. And currently the buyer has $80 worth products added. Then this message will be displayed.

Once a discount has been applied the message won’t be shown again.

Message After Discount Application

Display a custom message once a discount has been applied. The placeholder [percent-value] can be used to display the percentage amount saved.

Discount Exclusions

You can easily exclude certain Products and Product Categories from being part of the discounts. Or certain Users, User Roles, or User Groups from being eligible for the savings.


With the options available, you have to select the needed, and save.

Other Enhancements in v4.3.0

The latest version of Customer Specific Pricing plugin comes with several other improvements and upgrades to make plugin interaction a lot more smoother and to build customer engagement.

You’ll find all the details in the changelog, but here’s the gist. We’ve added:

  • the original plugin price above the personalized price to give customers a quick indication of the amount they’d be saving
  • smoother import and export of product price data
  • a custom label option above the specialized price values to indicated personalized costs
  • under-the-hood enhancements that include compatibility with WordPress v5.2.2, WooCommerce v3.7, WooCommerce Product Tables 2.4.2, and PHP 7.0.33

Final Word

This is a game-changing update, and we hope you enjoy the functionality and the benefits it packs. Before we wrap up, we’d want you to know that more updates are coming. We are not done yet.

We’ll have more advancements for you soon. If you have any suggestions for new features in the plugin or want to share your feedback, tell us about it. Your opinions will help us improve. In the meanwhile, update to the latest version of Wisdm Customer Specific Pricing, right away!

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

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