6 Killer Online Traffic Generating Techniques To Get Your Content Viral!

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Congratulations! You’ve just successfully set up your website/app!

The next logical step is to let the world know about it. To get attention you need relevant, targeted traffic that will convert.

Everyone knows you need to have great content, do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and share aggressively on social media. No wonder SEO is vital to initiate traffic from search engine but that’s not everything. If you have no idea what SEO is and if you are interested in online classes, join us here.

Here are 6 killer ways that can get you amazing traffic. Not immediately, but given enough time and effort, these will surely pay off in the long run.



This is less than exciting and it’s a bit old school, but believe it or not, you can build a super targeted list of subscribers and converted buyers once you enter the race.

More importantly, this is absolutely free. Engaging with users on various targeted forums and in beginning you don’t expect to see heavy traffic or instant results. It will take some time and yes, you are exchanging time for money. Sit uptight as these works will take a lot of your precious time, but the forums are important.

In most of the forums, members can link back to their website or app. This signature link is found at the bottom of every post. Warrior Forum is a great example. They warmly welcome newcomers reaching for help and wanting to know more about list building, suitable host providers and etc.


Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz is the best place to earn points for sharing other people’s content and using the gathered points to share your own.

Viral Content Buzz is not a Social Media platform, all it does is showing your content to the community. All you have to do is submit your content to the site and it will send traffic your way. An easy job!

Viral Content Buzz checks your content plus your social media profiles to make sure that the Facebook and Twitter profiles are real ones not fake with real followers and plenty of activity. This is for those people who are trying to take advantage by joining their community. This place is for real people with their real content who are genuinely interested in sharing your content. You get to be visible among others and traffic.


Aggressive Use Of Social Media

Social Media is no less than a potential weapon of the 21st century just like it’s a great tool for marketing or generating traffic.

You need to get engaged with all the platforms of Social Media, and just engage with the correct kind of audience. Write some amazing eye-catching content for your social media fans, it is the best way to build larger traffic and build your app or website on the internet. Good content will result in shares (Facebook), +1s (Google+), subscriptions (YouTube), pins/repins (Pinterest) and retweets (Twitter) which will aid in broadcasting your website or app to thousands of people.


Q&A Websites

These websites are the gold because they give you an opportunity to directly target the traffic. People who visit Q&A websites, they are actually seeking answers which your website is tailor-made to provide!

Some of the top Q&A websites are Quora and Simply create an account on these sites and do a weekly search of questions that are related to your niche and reply to those questions. Do this for your websites or app on a weekly basis and get b backlinks, readers and most importantly many of the questions are given a rank. Some of the questions have high search volume keywords which drive loads of laser-targeted traffic to your website. Do make sure that your answer is authentic and detailed.


Traffic Via E-mail Signatures

All you have to do is include your site URL or app everywhere you can. Your E-mail signature and business cards are the most obvious places for promoting your site. For the app, you can add the link on your social media or blog link.

Attract people with the sole purpose of viewing your content.


Freemium Models

It is a popular method of making your app viral worldwide. All you have to is create 2 versions of the app, one free with some features locked or removed and other premium with all the available features. Of course, it’s a paid version and depending on your niche can get ranging from 99 cents to $4.99 per download. This concept is called Freemium, the word “Free” and “Premium” are merged together. By releasing the Free version, you can come to know where your app stands or is it liked by others or not. You can be secured if it is liked by everyone.

Well, before you start following the above technique, we would suggest you to create a proper traffic generation campaign and set a target goal. Try and see which one of the technique favors your website or app. This will take some time and we hope that you don’t lose any hope.



About the Author: Andrea Bell is a Freelance writer and a content contributor at, which provides angularJS and big data hadoop training. She writes mostly on technology related stuff. Live simply, give generously and a sports lover. Find her on twitter @IM_AndreaBell.



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