E-commerce Integration for Vendor Platforms for Emgrapp LLC

Ever tried to catch a chicken in a farmyard? That’s what it’s like in the fast-paced world of online shopping.


Businesses are always on a wild goose chase for clever tricks to make their work easier and keep their customers smiling like a kid in a candy store.

It’s a non-stop, caffeine-fueled journey, and our client, Emgrapp LLC, was right in the eye of the storm.

Emgrapp LLC had a lightbulb moment brighter than a supernova. They wanted to create a special connection for their main site. This connection would be like a secret handshake, allowing new WooCommerce setups to install the connection and chat with the main site, making their work more efficient.

A solution that could be the next big thing since sliced bread.

However, creating and using this connection isn’t as easy as pie. It’s more like solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. And this was exactly the brain-teasing, head-scratching challenge that Emgrapp LLC reached out to us for.


About Our Client


Emgrapp LLC, led by Yasser Aldubaikhi, is more like a superhero sidekick to vendors, primarily serving the Middle Eastern market.

They offer a platform for individuals and businesses to embark on a profitable e-commerce journey, providing opportunities for side income and industry education. Their vision is to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape by 2030, changing the world one merchant at a time.

Emgrapp LLC is committed to fostering growth, happiness, and stability in the e-commerce industry. Whether you’re looking to increase your income, learn the craft, or develop personal skills, Emgrapp LLC is equipped to meet these needs effectively and efficiently.


The Problem

Emgrapp LLC, a thriving e-commerce player with a multisite network, aimed to enhance its operational efficiency. They sought to create an API integration that would allow new WooCommerce setups to communicate seamlessly with their main site.

However, creating this integration was a complex task. It needed to be user-friendly, efficient, and capable of handling real-time updates about orders, a feature crucial for managing orders daily.

The challenge was to create a system that could handle order placements and cancellations efficiently. Emgrapp LLC needed a solution that would streamline their operations and improve vendor experience, a challenge they brought to us.

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Our Approach

We conceived a solution which was based on 3 fundamental factors – minimal time spent, minimal expenditure, maximum output – the approach that we use for all our key partners – the WISDM approach.




Our Solution

To meet Emgrapp LLC’s requirements, we developed two plugins:

  1. Main website plugin (At client-side)
  2. Customer website plugin


These plugins facilitated the following features and website flow:

  • Connect to client website: Once the Vendor onboard is successful, we provide them with a plugin zip file. They need to install this plugin on their website. The plugin provides a setting page where vendors need to add their Vendor ID and click on Connect. This setup allows for the establishment of related Webhook on the client site and relevant orders send webhooks from the customer site to the main site.
  • Order update to client site: Whenever an order is placed on the customer website, a notification is sent to the client website through Webhook. We place an order directly at the client store, with the order status in a Pending state. The order address is as per the customer’s end client. No end client record is created on the client’s website. If the end customer cancels the order, the webhook notifies the client site, and the corresponding order status changes to cancel.
  • Order report: Customers can see a list of orders in their accounts. They can pay from their account. This feature is the default provided by WooCommerce.


Overcoming Challenges

The main challenge was ensuring a seamless transition of various processes from the client’s existing setup to the new system. However, through careful planning and precise testing, we ensured a smooth, secure process.


The Impact

The new API integration streamlined the exchange of information between the main site and the vendor sites, enhancing operational efficiency. Vendors found the system user-friendly and appreciated the real-time updates about orders, which improved their store management experience.

Moreover, the efficient handling of order placements and cancellations led to a drop in the order cancellation rate, positively impacting vendors’ sales and customer satisfaction. The overall result was a more efficient, user-friendly, and customer-focused e-commerce platform that boosted Emgrapp LLC’s standing in the market.


The WISDM Factor

  • We crafted custom plugins specifically designed to integrate the client’s platform with WooCommerce, focusing on the unique needs of their vendors and consumers.
  • We ensured a real-time, efficient flow of information by setting up webhook notifications for every order placement, thus improving the communication speed between the client and the vendors.
  • We empowered the vendors by providing them with the option to map the WooCommerce Order status to the appropriate actions in the client’s application, offering greater control over order management.




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