Optimizing the WooCommerce store of the Largest Grass Seed Distributor in the U.K

With the increasing competition in the online marketplace, it has become imperative for eCommerce businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

One crucial aspect that can significantly impact an online store’s success is website optimization. By optimizing their websites, online stores can enhance user experience, drive higher conversions, and ultimately boost their bottom line.

That’s when one of our clients got in touch with us as they needed help with optimizing their WooCommerce-based online store for optimal performance.

About Our Client

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With over 28+ years in the trade, The Grass Seed Store Ltd. is a U.K based internet company trading solely online to supply customers with high-quality grass seeds in Oxford, U.K. They are the largest distributor of grass seeds in the U.K and they also supply goods for D.I.Y gardening.  

Our client Tudor Gibson, who handles the website for his friend and business owner Pete, reached out to us as he needed help with various fixes, tasks, and customizations of his WooCommerce-based website.

Client Requirements

Since the company is trading solely online, our client Tudor Gibson needed help with various, fixes, tasks, and customizations for their website to perform at an optimum level including:-

– Adjusting discounts according to customer specification

– Various code improvements

– Selling grass seed bundles

– Improving admin functionality

– Upgrading all plugins

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Our Solution

In order to address all the challenges faced by our client, we went with the following approach:-

Fixing the discounts functionality:- Since the discounts were only working on the front end. We performed tests and debugs to make sure that they were working on the backend as well.

Improving Admin Functionality:- We helped in auto-saving the customer metadata such as the ‘Title’ of a person. So now whenever a returning customer, for example, a doctor re-orders on the phone, the staff can pull out this information and refer to them more professionally by recalling their actual designation.

Code Improvements:-

  • We improved the seed bundles plugin(which is a custom plugin developed by a third party) by optimizing the logic and documentation.
  • Since the packet size variation is a part of the seed bundle plugin, we tested and debugged the specific code to make it work.
  • We implemented a single file code to make various text-related changes such as changing Invoice and delivery wording and other uppercase address fields.
  • Added another single file code for WooCommerce shipping modification to hide delivery costs when free.
  • Finally, we added another single file code for WooCommerce category or archive page template modification regarding the ‘Add To Cart’ button to remove the category price.
  • We updated the core plugins such as WooCommerce as well as other plugins and themes to the latest version

Overcoming Challenges

Since the Grass Seed Bundles Plugin was a custom plugin, we were facing issues when it came to compatibility. One of our biggest challenges was to make sure that the compatibility issues were fixed.

The Wisdm Factor

  • Providing a prompt response and providing a tailored solution
  • The client had access to the staging site to test all changes before deploying on the live site. 
  • Ensured that the code is clean and scalable