How we integrated Interakt with WooCommerce Merchant Sites for Jio Haptik Technologies Limited

Ever felt like you’re in a game of Tetris, where every piece has to fit perfectly or it’s game over?


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That’s the e-commerce landscape for you. Every move, every strategy, has to align just right. And in this high-stakes game, Jio Haptik Technologies Limited had a unique piece: their innovative tool, Interakt. The challenge? Making it fit seamlessly with WooCommerce merchant sites. It’s like trying to fit that tricky ‘T’ Tetris block into a perfect slot without causing chaos.

In this digital game board, where every player is vying for the top score, Jio Haptik Technologies Limited was ready to level up. They had the power-up (Interakt) but needed the right strategy to deploy it. That’s where we entered the game, joystick in hand, ready to co-op and achieve that high score together!



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Jio Haptik Technologies Limited is a pioneering company that leverages advanced technology to provide innovative business solutions. They have made big steps forward in the online shopping area, mainly focusing on how to manage and improve relationships with customers.

Their Interakt SaaS platform, built on official WhatsApp Business APIs, has been designed to help fast-growing eCommerce brands multiply their sales through automated promotional and transactional WhatsApp nudges, automated chat-flows for customer queries, and an efficient Shared Team Inbox for WhatsApp chat management.


Client Requirements

The client’s objective was to integrate their Interakt SaaS application, which was already compatible with Shopify, with their WooCommerce merchants. They wanted to provide their merchants with:

  • A custom plugin to integrate the Interakt SaaS application with the WooCommerce plugin.
  • An efficient system to send the WooCommerce Order status details via webhooks.
  • A process to handle Cash on Delivery (COD) orders.
  • An abandoned cart feature.
  • A feature to match the WooCommerce Order states with their system’s states.


The Problem

  • Integration Complexity: Merging two powerful e-commerce tools without disturbing the current merchants was no small feat. It was akin to weaving a delicate fabric without breaking a single thread.
  • Custom Requirements: The client needed a custom plugin, real-time order status updates, efficient handling of Cash on Delivery (COD) orders, and more. Crafting these features was like concocting a gourmet dish from scratch.
  • Transition from Shopify to WooCommerce: Ensuring a seamless transition, especially integrating an abandoned cart feature, was a complex task. It required creativity, precision, and a touch of magic.


Our Approach

We conceived a solution which was based on 3 fundamental factors – minimal time spent, minimal expenditure, maximum output – the approach that we use for all our key partners – the WISDM approach.


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Our Solution

We developed a comprehensive solution that encompassed all of the client’s requirements.

  • We created a custom plugin that could be installed on the merchant’s website, which facilitated the connection between the Interakt platform and WooCommerce through authentication keys.
  • To provide real-time order status updates, we set up a system that sent notifications to the client via webhooks every time an order was placed.
  • For COD orders, we designed a system that held the order status at ‘On-Hold’ until the merchant confirmed the order.
  • We integrated an abandoned cart feature that sent an API call to the Interakt API when a potential sale was identified as abandoned.
  • To align the eCommerce fulfillment stages in both systems, we offered a feature for the merchants to map the WooCommerce Order status to the appropriate actions in the Interakt application.


Overcoming Challenges

Our main challenge was ensuring a seamless transition of various processes from Shopify to WooCommerce, particularly the integration of an abandoned cart feature. As WooCommerce does not have built-in features for this, we had to creatively adapt existing plugins, ensuring they would not conflict if the same plugin was added separately on the site.

The authentication flow, which involved token generation, expiry, and regeneration, posed another challenge due to its complexity. However, through careful planning and precise testing, we ensured a smooth, secure authentication process.

Despite these challenges, our team’s expertise and dedication, combined with the client’s collaborative approach, allowed us to deliver a solution that not only met but exceeded their expectations.


The Impact

The integration of the Interakt platform with WooCommerce was a game-changer. It enhanced customer engagement, streamlined processes, and opened new horizons for the client’s merchants.

The result? A more efficient, user-friendly, and innovative e-commerce platform that strengthened Jio Haptik Technologies Limited’s position in the market.


The Wisdm Factor

  • We crafted a custom plugin specifically designed to integrate the client’s Interakt platform with WooCommerce, focusing on the unique needs of their merchants and consumers.
  • We ensured a real-time, efficient flow of information by setting up webhook notifications for every order placement, thus improving the communication speed between the client and the merchants.
  • To ensure smooth order processing, we designed a system to handle Cash on Delivery (COD) orders effectively, holding the order status at ‘On-Hold’ until merchant confirmation, thereby minimizing the risk of unfulfilled orders.
  • We empowered the merchants by providing them with the option to map the WooCommerce Order status to the appropriate actions in the Interakt application, offering greater control over order management.



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