How We Helped Edumomo Move to Memberium

Edumomo, an eLearning platform focused on trading, faced a problem. Their existing membership system, Restrict Content Pro (RCP), was no longer meeting their needs as they expanded.


They needed a new system that could handle more features and a growing user base.


About Our Client


Edumomo was started by someone who had a varied career, from coding to consulting, before settling into trading and teaching others about it. The platform is unique in its approach, offering a specific trading system and mentorship for those looking to make more informed trades.


The Problem

With growth came challenges. Edumomo’s existing RCP system was limited. They needed to switch to a more capable system without disrupting their current operations.

Additional Needs:

  • A way to integrate with WooCommerce for handling subscriptions
  • A method for users to electronically sign agreements
  • A plan to move existing users to the new system


Our Approach

We conceived a solution which was based on 3 fundamental factors – minimal time spent, minimal expenditure, maximum output – the approach that we use for all our key partners – the WISDM approach.

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Our Solution

The goal was straightforward: move Edumomo from RCP to Memberium with as little disruption as possible, while adding the new features they needed.

Here are the steps we took:

  • Moved to Memberium: We transferred all essential data from RCP to Memberium.
  • Set Up WooCommerce: We configured WooCommerce to manage subscriptions for Edumomo Gold and THT Elite.
  • Added E-Signatures: We included a feature that allows users to sign course agreements online.
  • Managed User Access: We set up a system where content could be restricted based on tags in Memberium.


The Impact

The migration has had several positive effects on Edumomo’s operations:

  • Operational Efficiency: The new Memberium system has streamlined many backend processes, making it easier for the Edumomo team to focus on content creation and community building.
  • User Experience: The seamless integration with WooCommerce has simplified the subscription process, improving the overall user experience.
  • Legal Compliance: The e-signature feature has made the course agreement process more straightforward and legally compliant.
  • Growth: Since the migration, Edumomo has been able to introduce new courses and has seen an increase in subscriptions, indicating a positive response from their community.


The Wisdm Factor

The success of this migration wasn’t just about changing software; it was about understanding Edumomo’s unique challenges and future vision. Here’s how our approach made a difference:

  • Deep Understanding: Before diving into the technical aspects, we took the time to understand Edumomo’s business model, their user base, and their long-term goals.
  • Strategic Planning: We didn’t just execute a migration; we laid out a comprehensive plan that would serve Edumomo well into the future, considering upcoming challenges and potential growth.
  • Collaboration: Our team worked closely with Edumomo at every stage, ensuring that the migration and new feature implementations were aligned with their expectations and needs.
  • Documentation: We provided detailed guides and documentation to help Edumomo’s team get the most out of the new system, empowering them to manage it effectively moving forward.
  • Ongoing Support: The project didn’t end with the migration. We continue to offer support and updates, ensuring that Edumomo can focus on what they do best: creating valuable content and building their community.




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