How we helped Purify Technologies improve the LMS experience

Online learning is not just about creating and selling courses, nowadays. It is more about how simplified and immersive the eLearning experience can be.

But to make this experience seamless, organizations must navigate through the challenges that come along this journey and facilitate a productive and efficient work environment.

That’s when one of our oldest clients reached out to us.

Here’s how we helped Purify Technologies in offering a seamless eLearning experience and facilitating a more productive and efficient work environment.

About Our Client

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Helen Walker is a member of the Purify Technology Team, specializing in assisting organizations in effectively implementing Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. 

She has a fantastic group of clients who are engaged in innovative and creative technology endeavors. They also work with the U.K. government and their biggest client is the Treasury.

They’ve built an App using WordPress and various plugins to provide training and adoption content for their clients. Once a client buys the app, they get access to all the courses.

Client Requirements

Purify Technologies have been using WisdmLabs plugins such as the WISDM Group Registration plugin, Instructor Role for LearnDash, and WISDM Reports for LearnDash to enhance the eLearning experience for their clients.  

They needed help with the following:-

– To prevent group leaders from making changes to the courses such as creating new courses and removing courses.

– Allow group leaders and instructors to manage the progress of their clients.

– Setting up the Reporting Dashboard for specific users such as admins, group leaders, and instructors.

– Improve the visual appearance of the website.

Our Solution

We collaborated closely with them to ensure that the website was configured most suitably for their requirements. To help address all the challenges faced by our client, we went by the following approach:-

  • For all the courses offered, the editing capability provided to group leaders was too comprehensive, displaying all the blocks and elements connected to the content. We helped users only see the text/images they can edit, without the unnecessary clutter of other blocks and elements. 
  • The presence of the ‘Add New’ option was not desired by Group Leaders/Instructors. They should only have the capability to edit existing content and not have the ability to create new content. We helped restrict certain actions for group leaders by hiding the functionality to create as well as remove courses.
  • We provided one-on-one guidance on how to use WISDM Reports for LearnDash plugin effectively. We explained everything from how data gets calculated, various metrics are tracked, and how they can make the best use of it to closely monitor the learner’s progress.
  • The Group Leader dashboard was not displaying as expected, causing difficulties in accessing the necessary features and information. We helped set up the Reporting Dashboard and fine-tune the website to optimize its functionality. 
  • We made minor customizations to enhance the visual appearance of the website, making it look better and more appealing.

Overcoming Challenges

Though there are hurdles to every project, we sought to resolve any challenges.

Since our client operated in a multisite environment, one of our biggest challenges was to make our plugins fully compatible with multisite because right now they are partially compatible.

The Wisdm Factor

  • Delivered sustainable solutions to help our clients achieve more with our plugins
  • Assisted our client at every step of the way and made sure that customer service was quick
  • Motivated our client to upgrade to the PRO version of one of our plugins