How We Helped Watson Farms Waive Off Shipping Charges Based On Order Address


In April 2007, Watson Farms started transitioning the farm from conventional to sustainable production methods. They made this change not only because it benefits the land and animals, but also because it benefits the farmer and consumer. This transition has enabled the family to continue farming without needing additional income from outside sources.


Fast forward to 2024, Watson Farms is now shipping pasture-raised proteins to more than 20 states in the eastern U.S. WisdmLabs helped remove any technical barriers in shipping by waiving shipping charges on a particular order amount. This helped them retain their old customers and also make new ones.

About Our Client (1)

Based in South Carolina, Wattson Farms of Lowrys, LLC is an online D2C meat business that sells grass-fed beef. They make sure that their animals are non-GMO and ethically raised.

Our Client, Mat Watson, handles production, marketing, and deliveries and also takes care of the Watson Farms website. He reached out to us as he wanted to improve the shipping process on their WooCommerce store. He didn’t want returning customers to pay the shipping fee again and again

Requirements & Challenges

Our client had the following requirements:-

If the customer is placing an order for the first time: 

  • The order value should be greater than or equal to 75 USD to complete the checkout process and place the order. If the order value is less than 75 USD a notice will be displayed and the Place Order button will be disabled.

If the customer has previous orders on the site:

  • First, check if any of the previous order’s status is Processing, On Hold, Ready for HD, or Ready for Farm Pickup. If no previous order has those statuses then the minimum 75 USD order value condition and shipping charges will be applied and until the order subtotal reaches 75 USD the Place Order button will be disabled and a notice will be displayed.
  • If any previous order has the status as Processing, On Hold, Ready for HD, or Ready for Farm Pickup, then compare the Shipping address of the previous order with the new order.
  • If the shipping address of the previous order exactly matches the shipping address of the new order then the condition minimum order value of 75 USD and the shipping charge of the new order will be removed.
  • If the shipping orders are different the condition minimum order value of 75 USD and the shipping charge will be applied.


Since this functionality was for new customers, figuring out how to not waive the shipping fee if the address was different for returning customers was also a challenge.

Our Solution

To solve this problem we developed a small WordPress plugin.

  • We added code that is triggered in the “Checkout” and on the “Place Order” button. 
  • We added an exception if subscription products are found in the cart 
  • We also added a code to check the current cart’s order total
  • We will skip the following steps if the total is more than $75:-
  • Code to retrieve all orders from the current user with status Processing, On Hold, Ready for HD, Ready for Farm Pickup
  • If a past order is found allow the current order with the same billing/shipping address, If not show a custom notice
  • Disable the Place Order button if the condition matches for below 75 subtotal.

To allow the site admin to make the following changes, we integrated a settings page within the plugin. The admin just needed to go to the settings > WDM Setting menu to access the same

This settings page would allow the admin to configure the following:-

  • Minimum Order Amount
  • Order Note Text
  • Order Status to Retrieve Previous Orders (Multiselect)

Final Result

  • Developed a custom plugin to meet the client’s requirements.
  • Effective and efficient process for shipping orders.
  • Helped the client retain their customers.
  • Integrated a settings page for the admin to easily use the plugin’s functionality.

This Is Why Our Clients Love Us

Our team worked with the client to cover the different possible scenarios with the requirements that the client had. We also provided support to handle live site conflicts on the client’s site

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