How we helped Givelearn create an exclusive, invite-only eLearning site

The hybrid work model, with its blend of remote and in-office schedules, has become the new normal for many organizations. While it offers flexibility and convenience, it also presents unique employee training and development challenges.

This is where our client GiveLearn emerges as a powerful eLearning platform, empowering employees to thrive in this dynamic environment.

To take the eLearning platform to the next level, James Clusky (Founder, Givelearn) reached out to us as he wanted the site to have both LMS as well as community-like features.

In addition to migrating their site to an LMS, we also helped build a close community from scratch, streamline scheduling classes beforehand, and simplify making donations.

Let’s learn how.

About Our Client

James Clusky, founder of Givelearn, is a graduate of LSU. He played professional tennis from 2010 to 2015 and had a career-high ranking of 145 ATP. James also played Davis Cup for Ireland from 2006 to 2015. He holds a Guinness World Record for the longest doubles match, playing continuous tennis for 60 hours.

GiveLearn is an e-learning platform with both live and on-demand classes from Global Experts on Soft Skills. It offers a full calendar of LIVE virtual classes around soft skills like Leadership, Communications, Presentations, etc. All these classes are scheduled beforehand. Moreover, they also provide live breathing and meditation classes helping corporate employees operate efficiently in this hybrid world.

One thing that stands out about Givelearn is their way of rewarding engagement on the site. When users attend live classes they donate to different social causes.

Requirements & Challenges

James came to us because they wanted to make their site work like an LMS while allowing users to be able to register on the site on an invite-only basis. He needed assistance in adding courses, scheduling their launch, controlling course access, and simplifying donating.

Additionally, we also had the following dependencies:-

  • The site was built on Disciple. To make the system work like an LMS, we had to migrate it to LearnDash.
  • James requested a closed site, i.e. no registration will be available on the site, and the Admins will add users to get enrolled in the respective courses and groups. (This could be done by Company administrators/managers in the future)
  • To make donating easy, we were supposed to integrate with B1G1 (donation platform). However, getting the data in the required form (links) from B1G1 was technically challenging.
  • The client takes online live master classes every month/quarter which must be scheduled beforehand. Initially, there was no way to achieve that.
  • There was no course library or filters for users to find courses on the platform and navigate easily.

Our Solution

To help set up a closed site and make it work like an LMS, we went with the following approach:-

We migrated their site from Disciple to LearnDash.

  • To help set up a closed community from scratch, we developed a custom plugin called WDM Private Registration to help them create a private registration system where the client would send a private link to users to register.
  • Since getting that data from B1G1 was technically challenging, we developed a custom plugin called WDM Givings for donating to global causes on the B1G1 platform
  • Created a custom feature called ‘Calendar Scheduling System’ to help the client schedule upcoming classes beforehand.
  • Lastly, we added courses and designed a content library with relevant filters to help users find courses and make navigation simpler.

Final Result

Using LearnDash, custom-built WordPress plugins, and features, we were able to help James achieve success including:-

  • A high-performing and industry-ready website on WordPress, where the client has access to all advanced and easy-to-use LMS as well as community-like features
  • More control over the registration and group allocation of users via unique registration links
  • The client can now receive all donations under one roof
  • Effective and efficient process to schedule the launch of new classes beforehand.
  • A new and user-friendly UX to easily filter and register for classes on the platform.

Client Testimonial

James Cluskey
Founder at Give Learn

“We have worked with WisdmLabs for several years and would recommend it to anyone looking to develop their site or platform. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

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