How to Build a Woocommerce Store With Wholesale Customer Specific Pricing

    Nitansha Tanwar
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Running a wholesale eCommerce store is way different from running a regular eCommerce store. Since wholesale customers place bulk orders and are often looking for the best price available for their restocking, it’s essential to adjust your store’s interface to make them suit the target customers’ requirements.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to create a WooCommerce wholesale section and add customer-specific pricing for products based on user roles, customers, and user groups.

Let’s jump into it!

Creating a WooCommerce wholesale store

With WooCommerce, you can create a standard eCommerce store and start selling your products in no time. But if you wish to set up a wholesale WooCommerce store, you need to use an extension designed for this particular purpose.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is the perfect solution for this. It comes with all wholesale store features, and you can set up your wholesale store with the plugin in no time. 

How to Build a Woocommerce Store With Wholesale Customer Specific Pricing 1

Here’s why WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is the best wholesale plugin for WooCommerce stores:

  • The plugin lets store owners create a separate (hidden) wholesale area for your WooCommerce store that only wholesale customers can access.
  • The store owners can offer special discounts on regular prices to wholesale customers on bulk orders.
  • There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to pricing. The store owners can set a standard global discount on all products, discount based on product categories, or even offer discounts on individual products.
  • Admins can easily add wholesale customers to the website to give them access to the restricted wholesale store and place orders.
  • Store owners can even enable wholesale user registrations to allow visitors to register themselves as wholesale customers. If needed, a moderation system can also be added to review new accounts before approving them.
  • If set up with the WooCommerce Product Table plugin, store owners can also create one-page bulk order forms to help wholesale customers place orders.

Don’t have WooCommerce Wholesale Pro? You can get it here. We’ll use the plugin to set up the wholesale store section in this tutorial. If you wish to display one-page bulk order forms, you need to get the bundle with the WooCommerce Product Table. More on this later.

Let’s see how you can install and set up the plugin.

Setting up WooCommerce Wholesale Pro

This section assumes that you have WooCommerce up and running on your website. First, let’s see how you can install the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin.

  1. Go to your website’s WordPress admin dashboard ? Plugins ? Add New.
  2. Upload the Wholesale Pro plugin zip file and click on the Install button.
  3. Once the plugin is successfully installed, activate the plugin.
  4. Go to WooCommerce ? Settings ? Wholesale and enter the license key. Click on the Save changes button.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is now active on your website; let’s quickly set it up to start selling WooCommerce products.

Configuring the plugin

On the same settings page, you’ll find all the options to help you customize your wholesale store section.

How to Build a Woocommerce Store With Wholesale Customer Specific Pricing 2

The plugin automatically creates a login page for the wholesale store. While this page serves just right, if you wish to change the login page to a different one, you can select the page from the dropdown list.

You can also enable the wholesale user registrations for your store and display a ‘Regsiter’ link on the login page. Doing this will allow your website visitors to register as new users or send in an application to become one. If you enable the Moderate new registrations option, every new user will require prior approval by the administrators before they start placing orders.

You can select the primary page for your discounted WooCommerce store from the dropdown list.

You can also choose how you want to display the wholesale prices. For example, you can display the original price (crossed out) alongside the discounted price. In addition, you can hide all prices until the user logs in. This will only show the prices to the customers who are logged in.

Once you’ve made the changes, click on the Save changes button.

Now we need to add discount percentages for user roles.

Go to the Roles tab and then click on Add new role.

How to Build a Woocommerce Store With Wholesale Customer Specific Pricing 3

Enter the display name, discount percentage, and other details to add a new wholesale user role. You can also add product-specific pricing, which means you can set exact wholesale prices for individual products.

How to Build a Woocommerce Store With Wholesale Customer Specific Pricing 4

You can also give preferential global discounts for different user roles.

Enable order form for bulk orders

To enable the wholesale order form, you’ll need the WooCommerce Product Table plugin installed and activated on your website.

This is what the bulk order form looks like:

How to Build a Woocommerce Store With Wholesale Customer Specific Pricing 5

To enable this, go to the Layout tab and set the ‘Wholesale store page’ and ‘Wholesale product category and tag pages’ options to Order form layout from the dropdown menu. 

How to Build a Woocommerce Store With Wholesale Customer Specific Pricing 6

This will start displaying the tabular order form for bulk orders. Click on the Save changes button.

Add customer-specific pricing for individual wholesale customers 

To add customer-specific pricing to your wholesale store, we’ll use the Customer Specific Pricing plugin. The plugin has the option to set reduced prices for every customer (individual user) and offer discounts while giving a more personalized experience to customers.

How to Build a Woocommerce Store With Wholesale Customer Specific Pricing 7

This is useful for scenarios where you want to offer a discount to a particular customer after going through a negotiation process. Instead of creating coupons for individual customers, you can go to their profile and update the discount percentage. This way, the said user will be able to place the order at a reduced price.

Let’s see how you can do this.

Install and activate the Customer Specific Pricing plugin. For this, upload it to your website, install it, and activate the license key.

Go to Customer Specific pricing ? Product Pricing tab. Here you need to select the products and customers you want to adjust. Next, choose the customers you want to give discounts to and select the product for which the discount needs to be applied.

How to Build a Woocommerce Store With Wholesale Customer Specific Pricing 8

Now, set either a flat discount or percentage discount for each selected customer. You can also add a minimum order quantity. This way, the bulk discount will only be applied when the minimum number of products are added to the cart.

Start offering custom-specific wholesale discounts easily!

By using WooCommerce Wholesale Pro and Customer Specific Pricing plugins, you can override wholesale prices for individual customers and enable custom pricing based on user roles, products, and even individual customers.

You can use the combination of these plugins more creatively to test discounts and variable pricing to maximize profits. In addition, you can seamlessly offer discounts to individual wholesale customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Start offering customer-specific discounts on your wholesale store with WooCommerce Wholesale Pro and Customer Specific Pricing plugins today!

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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