WooCommerce Scheduler Update: Time Based Product Availability

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WooCommerce-scheduler-updateA business strategy that is often used for WooCommerce stores to increase revenues is the promotion and sale of seasonal products. For example, a WooCommerce store might start selling certain products only during the valentine’s day period. Or Christmas decoration will be sold only in the month of December.

Limited products such as paintings and artefacts are other good examples of products that are sold for a predefined period of time to increase curiosity and demand.

In order for this system to function smoothly, it is important that any given product should go up on the website on a decided day and be unable for purchase from the website as per the decided schedule. This can be quite a tedious task requiring manual intervention. That’s where the WooCommerce Scheduler plugin comes in.

What is the WooCommerce Scheduler Plugin?

I’m writing this post mainly because we (WisdmLabs) has updated the WooCommerce Scheduler plugin. But before we go on to the updates let’s just refresh on what the WooCommerce Scheduler plugin is meant to do in the first place.

This plugin allows you to display a product on a website for a predefined amount of days. So you set the start date and the end date and you are pretty much good to go. The product will be available for purchase between the given dates. Beyond the end date, the website visitors will be able to view the product but will not be able to purchase it.

What’s more you can also set a predefined message to display to the users for the days the product is not available for purchase.

All in all with the intuitive back end settings and the custom message option, scheduling product purchase on your website has become more automated than you thought it could be.

What’s New?

Earlier users could select the start date and end date following which a product would be made available for purchase to the customers between  the said dates. With the WooCommerce Scheduler update, this option can be zoomed in further to also allow you to schedule products based on the time.


So, you can plan for way ahead without having to keep track of the products down to the last minute.

How to Make the Most of this Plugin?

The plugin can be used in diverse situations effectively reducing the amount of work on your end and automating the process. Apart from the earlier mentioned scenarios it can also be used to schedule third party products.

So if you are charging people by the day to sell products on your website you do not have to worry anymore about keeping track of these products. All you gotta do is schedule, schedule and schedule 😉

Further, you can provide website visitors with an option to enquire about products that are currently not available on the website for purchase. Basically what you’ll be doing is replacing the Add to Cart’ button with an ‘Enquiry button. This way you can still gauge the popularity and requirement of that particular product even while you are not selling it.

That was about the WooCommerce Scheduler plugin Ver 1.1.0 and believe me it’s only just the start.

We constantly endeavor to take our products to the next level and our customers are significant contributors to this continuous evolution process. So if there is a feature you would like to see let us know through the comments sections and we try our best to include it in our next update.

Happy to help 🙂



Tarun Rai

Tarun Rai

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