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The clocks have struck Update and Custom Product Boxes 2.2 is here to reckon with. The much-anticipated update comes with support for Variable Products. Boom. Yes, we love our customers and we take all your feedback into account while crafting updates. That’s it. We said it. 😀

And what is so special about this update that is getting us all worked up you ask? Well, read on to know.

Custom Product Boxes Update 2.2.0

Variable Products

WooCommerce, the leading e-Commerce plugin for WordPress, introduced Variable Products as a product type for their customers. A Variable product lets you offer a set of variations on a product, with control over prices, stock and more for each variation.

Now, with Custom Product Boxes 2.2.0, we bring the ability to add variable products to a pre-defined or user-created bundle.

Why Variable Products?

Variable Products bring ease of shopping to the table. For instance, you go to buy some clothes. You walk inside the shop and your eyes are already set on the huge sign that says, “Yankees Team Jerseys – Pack of 4 @ 30% off” Now that’s a deal that you want to get your hands on! You can have jerseys for 4 people at a lesser price. Simply select the different sizes and/or colors(even jersey numbers, in this case) you want, add the bundle to your shopping bag and you are good to go! Your fellow fans of the Yankees will surely love you for this 😀

Yankees Variable Bundle

Let us take the perspective of the owner. For just a 30% discount, he is able to sell 4 variants of the same jersey to his customers. He can even create bundles which include variable as well as singular products. For example, a set of 3 trousers, one hoodie, and one shirt. Simple, yet effective.

Custom Product Boxes – Variable Products

Now, coming back to e-commerce. As the owner of an e-commerce store, it can be a tardy deal to add each variable product one by one to your product bundle. Even your customers, accustomed to fast-paced shopping carts, will feel that things are going slow when they have to add such products to the cart.

For instance, if you deliver donuts, muffins, and pastries in your e-store, then this update is a godsend. Say goodbye to adding each variety of sweets (Donut -> Large/Small/Flavors/Premium and so on) to your bundle. Just select “Donut”, “Muffin”, “Pastry”, fix the size of your custom product box and that’s it. Now, your customers can select any variation of sweets and add them to their box.

What’s Different?

Apart from this new feature, we also have a bag full of bug fixes. We have fixed issues regarding scroll-lock, an addition of virtual products and the styling of the color picker.

Also, the Tax field and Tax status can now be set for custom product boxes with this release.

Ready to Update?


Custom Product Boxes 2.2.0 Update

With this update, we hope to solve the problem of providing the customers more options and adding items to their carts in lesser amounts of time. This update is compatible with WordPress 4.7 and above. For WooCommerce, it is version 2.6 and above. To update, simply go to the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard. Select “Installed Plugins” and locate Custom Product Boxes from the list. You will find an update prompt which you have to click to update to Custom Product Boxes 2.2.

If your license has expired and you want updates and support, renew your license now! If you haven’t bought Custom Product Boxes, head over here now!

Do you have a product suggestion or a feature you want or feel we have left out anything, then please let us know through our ideas forum or comments below. Happy Bundling!

Pinakin Vitkare

Pinakin Vitkare

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