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When you run a business or are working on a project,  you’re constantly thinking of ways to improve things, organize better and connect with your target audience. To be able to do this without heading down the retrograde path, you need the right and trustworthy business tools.

While most WordPress themes come preloaded with contact forms, it’s almost always better to design your own forms that are personalized and tailored for your website and business needs. Creating your own form allows you to customize the look and feel and add any extra fields – really, just have total control over your forms.

Web designers and developers often tend to feel overwhelmed when choosing a suitable WordPress form builder plugin for their projects. Form builder plugins for WordPress are available in abundance, both free and paid plans, and it’s bound to confounding at some point.

There are many free and premium form plugins that offer a range of different features. If what you need is something basic, it’s best to go with a free plugin like Contact Form 7, while a 55387premium plugin such as GravityForms or FormCraft will provide a more comprehensive, flexible and customizable forms experience.


CaptainForm is a tool that will help you create beautiful and effective online forms for your WordPress website. It’s easy to install, has all the essential form building features built into the core, and can be customized as one might see fit right from the dashboard. No coding skills and no add-ons are required. Using CaptainForm is a breeze due to the user-friendly drag and drop editor.

Developed by 123ContactForm, CaptainForm has the distinct advantage of being the product of a company with 8 years of intensive experience in form building. It’s lightweight and intuitive, as if the developers had an uncanny notion of what exactly a person looking to build online form might need.



One of the major intents behind developing CaptainForm is to provide a streamlined user experience and fulfill a wide range of business needs through form building:

  • Lead Generation
  • Registration Management
  • Research & Survey
  • Online Subscriptions
  • Data Capturing & Analytics
  • Audience Interaction

and the list can go on.


All it takes is three steps to be able to create, customize and publish any type of form you want: order form, event registration form, different registration forms, feedback form, autopopup newsletter form, surveys, polls, quizzes and many more.

Functionality is advanced: you’ll find many 3rd party app integrations such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SalesForce, MailChimp, Active Campaign, Smartsheet. Payment processors are also available, including PayPal. Moreover, users can make advanced calculations, add rules and complex calculation formulas to generate extremely customized data fields.


The plugin is an appropriate tool for web developers, web designers, bloggers, but also for anyone else who has a WordPress site. There are 4 options available: a regular plan (always free) and 3 paid services such as:

  • Regular plan (free) – use on 1 site, 3 forms, 15 fields, 500 secured entries/month, 100MB storage space, SSL encryption, stellar support
  • Apprentice – use on 1 site, unlimited forms, unlimited fields, 5K secured entries/month, 500MB storage space, SSL encryption, stellar support, 5 native apps
  • Master – use on 3 sites, unlimited forms, unlimited fields, 20K secured entries/month, 2GB storage space, SSL encryption, stellar support, 14 native apps
  • Hero – use on unlimited sites, unlimited forms, unlimited fields, 100K secured entries/month, 10GB storage space, SSL encryption, stellar support, 24 native apps, multisite support, payment Integration

For starters, the free plan is ideal and as the business needs become more advanced, one of the 3 paid plans is appropriate. The forms created with CaptainForm are suitable for various fields such as real estate, healthcare, logistics, transportation, financial and many more.


CaptainForm is exceptionally well documented. You can access all of the documentation here, and also find a comprehensive knowledge base that covers everything from installing the plugin to creating various types of forms on WordPress.

CaptainForm has been built with customers’ needs in mind, and hence security and customer support is a high priority. Customers can avail support regardless of the pricing plan, including the free service plan.

Sounds good? Head over to CaptainForm’s secret lair to find out even more about the caped form builder! More super powers to You!



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