PayU Extension for Ninja Forms: Custom Payment Gateway Integration

    Praveen Chauhan
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Ninja Forms Extension

When considering adding forms to your WordPress website (and you will come across the need sooner or later), you will have to integrate a form builder plugin. A form builder plugin can be used to create any kind of form on your site. Maybe you would want to create contact forms, or inquiry forms, or even review forms. Your requirements would decide the form builder plugin you would need. Among the several plugins available, one plugin you could consider is the Ninja Forms plugin.

The Ninja Forms plugin might not be the most advanced form builder plugin available, but this freemium plugin is quickly gaining popularity. And the reason for this is, let’s face it, we all like things which are free (or at least which start off for free). The great thing about the Ninja Forms plugin is that you can easily extend its features using an available extension when needed. Thus, paying for only the required features.

But, there might be a situation, when a needed extension is not available. And this could be for external services, like a payment gateway, or an email marketing service, etc.


Developing an Extension for Ninja Forms

The Ninja Forms plugin, just like any other well-built plugin, has several hooks which allow WordPress developers to easily extend its functionality. We know this because we’ve worked on it for a couple of client projects. In fact, we even customized the ‘Save User Progress’ extension and added an extension for the PayU payment Gateway.


PayU Payment Gateway Extension for Ninja Forms

If you’re located in India, you would know what PayU India is. But for those of you who do not know PayU India, it is a payment gateway for Indian businesses, because it deals with Rupees. It’s quite a popular payment gateway because it accepts major credit cards and even handles net-banking. But just like any other payment gateway, the service has to be integrated as an extension into the Ninja Forms plugin. However, since there isn’t an available extension, the only option is to create a custom solution.

Settings for the Payment Gateway Extension

The custom solution provides an easy way to integrate the payment gateway into your Ninja Forms plugin. But to use the PayU payment gateway, you need to provide authentication. For this, there are options provided, to accept your ‘PayU Merchant ID’, and ‘Salt’ (similar to a ‘username’ and ‘license key’).

PayU Settings for Ninja Forms

Once the credentials are verified, a checkbox will be added to every Ninja Form.

Option in Ninja Forms

The checkbox option is added to the ‘Submit’ button of your Ninja Form. If this option is checked, a visitor will be redirected to PayU India’s website, to make the payment. Hence, it makes sense to enable this option only to purchase forms.

Option in the Form Fields

If you have several payment gateways available, a radio-button option can be provided, as part of the form, to allow users to select the desired payment gateway.


The Ninja Forms, is a really good plugin, especially if you were to use it along with a couple of available extensions. But there isn’t a guarantee that there would be an extension for every desired service. If you were on the lookout to integrate the payment gateway PayU with the Ninja Forms plugin, we’ve got you covered there! The extension could be customized according to your requirements. And if the extension you need is not PayU? Well, in that case, just be sure to get in touch with us, and we’ll help you out.


Praveen Chauhan

Praveen Chauhan

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    1. Jorge, this solution will not work for PayU Columbia as the API used for PayU India is different from that for Columbia.

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