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    Sagar Sheral
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quoteup-quotation-plugin-woocommerceAt WisdmLabs, we’ve always been proponents of WooCommerce. We like recommending it, working with it, and building plugins for it. 😀

And today, we’re excited to share with you the latest addition to our list of awesome WooCommerce extensionsQuoteUp!


What is QuoteUp?

Simply put, QuoteUp is a quote to purchase plugin for WooCommerce.

It adds a quote request functionality, which interested customers can use to send you a quotation request. You- the store owner- have a complete proposal management system at your disposal to send and manage complex quotes.

It of course does not stop there; it allows you to close the sale loop by allowing your customers to accept quotes and make purchases.



So, how does it differ from existing quote request plugins for WooCommerce?

Having built the most popular enquiry plugin for WooCommerce – Product Enquiry Pro, we were quite adept in building an enquiry and demand analysis platform.

The plugin truly helped us gain insight into requirements of a WooCommerce store owner. In fact we noticed a trend in a lot of pre-sale enquiries for the plugin. ( Enquiries about an enquiry plugin, just reinforces the importance of an enquiry option, wouldn’t you say?! 😀 )

Several interested customers were looking for a quotation and sales system.

The reason (we concluded with some preliminary analysis and customer feedback) was that existing quote request systems were difficult to use and did not provide sufficient customization options.

We were able to identify user pain points and gaps in a quotation system.


Enter the idea of building a comprehensive quotation system for WooCommerce.

We wanted to make it easy for store owners to set up a proposal system, or be able to convert WooCommerce to a ‘Quote Only’ store if need be.

Keeping usability in mind, our aim was to build a simple yet powerful quotation plugin for WooCommerce that could help you go beyond enquiries and close sales.


Here’s what makes QuoteUp the Ultimate Quotation Management and Sales System on WooCommerce:

QuoteUp brings forth flexibility with a customizable quote request form. The form contains basic fields, and can be extended by adding the fields you need to gather additional information about an interested customer.

Shoppers do not need to send multiple quote requests for different products, instead with the multi-product quote cart option, a single quote can be requested for multiple products at once. This helps you sell customized solutions.

You can view quote requests made in the admin panel, and adjust product prices and quantities to create a quote. Upon choosing to send a quote, QuoteUp dynamically generates a quote PDF and emails it to the customer.

Customers have the option to accept or reject a quote. And if all’s well, a customer is directly taken to the checkout page, to make a quick purchase.


And remember, this is version one!

We are innovators at heart and we’ll keep on adding new features and providing you new updates so that you get the best user experience. We’ll make sure QuoteUp is able to cope with all the challenges you face.


So, if QuoteUp has piqued your interest, we invite you to take a look at the plugin in detail.

And let us know your thoughts? Do you think it’s the most awesome quotation management system on WooCommerce? Is there a feature you think is missing?

We’d like to hear your ideas, questions or suggestions in the comment section below!

Sagar Sheral

Sagar Sheral

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