LearnDash & Virtual Classrooms: It’s Finally Happening!

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One reason why LearnDash holds it’s own as a leading LMS extension on WordPress is because of the sheer number of awesome integrations in its kitty.

It could be anything; restricting content via a popular membership plugin like PaidMembershipsPro or scheduling and managing live events for your Course using Event Espresso, LearnDash covers a wide range of subsystems that can be used in sync with the LMS.

And now a Virtual Classroom service!

WisdmLabs is  thrilled to announce yet another kick-ass extension for LearnDash; LearnDash-WizIQ Virtual Classroom Extension is now available for purchase download and lets you schedule live classes for your LearnDash Courses and set up a virtual classroom like environment for your learners.


Virtual Classroom for LearnDash Courses

WizIQ is an online education delivery platform, specializing in providing real time collaboration tools for learners in the form of audio-video communications, chat options and a whiteboarding feature, essentially setting up a virtual classroom where all members can interact with each other simultaneously.

With LearnDash-WizIQ Virtual Classroom Extension, an instructor can schedule such live sessions for his/her Courses on LearnDash. The plugin also let’s you display all the Classes scheduled and updates their statuses in real time.

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Schedule Classes Your Way

LearnDash-WizIQ Extension requires your WizIQ credentials to function; which can be easily generated right from your WordPress backend in case you don’t have them.

Scheduling a class comes with a large number of versatile options, letting you choose a schedule and a format that best suits your needs. Choose an appropriate Start Date, End Date, Class Duration, max no. of attendees and also a recurrence pattern, for classes that are periodic in nature.

LD-WizIQ Add-class

Classes once scheduled aren’t necessarily rigid, cancelling or editing classes can be carried out with relative ease.

And that’s not the end of it..

LearnDash-WizIQ Virtual Classroom Extension is coded to send out automated emails to all the learners enrolled in a Course whenever you Add, Edit or Cancel a scheduled class so that they always stay on top of the game.

You can also track attendance of all your virtual classroom sessions with respect to parameters like entry time and exit time of the learner.


All Of This For FREE !!

You read that right! LearnDash-WizIQ Virtual Classroom Extension is available for direct download FREE of charge, take it for a spin and let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

For downloads, user guide and FAQs, click this link right here and say hello to virtual classrooms.



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