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    Pranoti Panchwagh
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All of us who own an e-commerce store have been plagued by sleepless nights at one point of time or another, courtesy of the high rate of cart abandonment on our stores. The real kicker is when sales refuse to pick up even after the website has been optimized, page issues resolved, and all the tried and tested methods of increasing conversion rates implemented.

Fortunately, there is a solution to alleviate the pain of sales deprivation, i.e. the Jilt Abandoned Cart App!


As a general rule, it is easier to recapture leads of potential customers than generating totally new ones from a sales perspective. This is precisely what the Jilt plugin does.

The Jilt plugin is used to send Cart recovery notifications to customers, to encourage return and completion of the purchase.

Built by SkyVerge, the company that is one of the chief contributors to WooCommerce plugins, Jilt has a plethora of features that add to the power of your core website. Let us analyze some of these in detail.

Jilt – The List of Features

#1 Scheduled Email Generation after Cart Abandonment

The Jilt plugin allows you to create email recovery campaigns that are instantaneously activated, once a Cart is abandoned. Emails can be created and scheduled in campaigns at the back-end of the website, which are then sent out at the specified intervals.


#2 Unlimited Email Campaigns

A virtually unlimited number of email campaigns can be created, which incorporate an unlimited number of emails. The Jilt plugin also has a built-in functionality to add the relevant email templates to the campaign automatically, which are compliant with all industry practices.

#3 Flexible Scheduling

Jilt supports completely flexible scheduling of autoresponders. The timings for the email notifications can be scheduled by the minute, hour, and day, for over a year in advance.



#4 Customizable and Responsive Email Templates

All email templates generated by the plugin are responsive and entirely customizable. The administrator can modify each template as per his requirement, to fit within the framework of his website. In addition, this enables personalization of emails according to the lead, which increases the probability of conversion.



#5 Comprehensive Scalability Solutions

Jilt encompasses a wide scope of application. The lead recapture solution is designed to cater to small as well as large-scale businesses, and hence is a workable alternative whether there is one product in the Cart or ten!

#6 Database Generation for Abandoned and Recovered Carts

The problem with most abandoned cart notification plugins is that their databases are integrated with the core WordPress installation, which makes the site bulky over time. Jilt overcomes this drawback by hosting the database on its own site, leaving your core website light and free.

#7 Cart Regeneration Support

As we have seen before, Jilt spurs customers to return to your e-store to complete the purchase. So far, so good. Going one step further, it also adds a link to Checkout directly in the notification email, thereby saving the customer the bother of returning to the website to place his order. This strategy has been proven to increase sales by a significant percentage and the Jilt plugin uses this to the fullest advantage.


#8 Robust Email Services

Once Jilt is integrated into your web-store, no separate email provider is required to send recovery emails. The Jilt plugin takes care of all deliverables and has been tested for total compatibility with all email service providers.

#9 Campaign Performance Analysis

Each product of SkyVerge has at least one distinct characteristic that sets it apart from the milieu of similar plugins. Jilt is no exception. It integrates an innovative functionality to analyze the performance of every campaign run on the website, generating comparative reports with respect to the total abandoned and recovered revenue and the consequent impact on total sales. In addition, the reports become a baseline for assessing the effectiveness of the campaign being run and the modifications necessary to increase recovery!

#10 Multisite Compatibility

Jilt works on a Freemium module, offered free for the first month and with fixed pricing levels later. The plugin can also be used across multiple WordPress websites of a given account. Given that there is no limit for the number of emails sent or templates uploaded, it is a highly lucrative solution for businesses and organizations!

Developed initially for Shopify stores, the App now supports e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads too. However, it is an independent, self-hosted app that integrates via extensions with the platforms.

To use Jilt for each of these, the user has to first create an account on the Jilt website and integrate the same with the e-commerce installation.

Jilt for WooCommerce

The Jilt plugin for WooCommerce integrates the core Jilt plugin with the WooCommerce platform. Using Jilt, the administrator can:

  • Track the email addresses of all customers and visitors on the e-store
  • Register the Carts being abandoned and send reminders at regular intervals to the customers who have abandoned their carts.
  • Create campaigns and fix schedules for email dispatches
  • Store customer and cart data on the Jilt database instead of the WordPress database
  • Design custom email templates specific to every customer
  • Regenerate Cart when the customer returns to save time till checkout
  • Analyze the abandoned versus recovered revenue to keep track of your business growth

Similar applications are also available with the Jilt for Shopify and Jilt for Easy Digital Downloads extensions.

Pricing Redesigned

Jilt has recently overhauled its pricing strategy, moving away from the recovery revenue-based commission module. The plugin now offers the complete set of plugin features for every business level. However, instead of charging for the revenue you recover every month, Jilt now charges you based upon the number of customers contacted.

Here is an example to make things clearer. Suppose you have 500 visitors in a month, out of which about 200 abandon their carts and Jilt sends recovery emails to all 200 customers. You’ll only pay for contacting those customers, unlike some options where you pay by the number of customers you have, regardless of whether you reach them or not!

There are multiple payment levels, based on the number of customers you contact. The first 25 contacts are free per month, and the entire first month of subscription is free, irrespective of the number of customers contacted.

This revised strategy is a huge improvement over the previous plans, which were considered to be one of Jilt’s prime drawbacks. An added advantage of the new pricing module is that you do not have to stick to a fixed plan for a fixed duration. The Jilt plugin offers a lot of flexibility in the payment cycle, which is great since every business is bound to have ups and downs in the monthly revenue.

Wrapping Up

The Jilt App effectively addresses a major concern of e-commerce store owners, with a bunch of additional features built in. The resounding success of revenue recovery due to effective cart reclaiming has helped Jilt save over $23,000,000 already for vendors across the world!

Jilt is already known for its efficiency and works great in terms of lead recovery and revenue capture. Now, with a brand new, flexible pricing strategy the plugin has overcome the chink in its armor and looks ready to extend its dominance in WooCommerce ventures.

What do you think? Have you used Jilt for your e-store? Tell us your experience in the comments section below!

Pranoti Panchwagh

Pranoti Panchwagh

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