Introducing: Notes For WP Courseware Is HERE!

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We are happy to announce a brand new addition to WP Courseware extensions and we think it will benefit anyone serious about learning through technology.

Notes for WP Courseware is here to not only let your learners quickly record notes while they learn from their favourite Courses, but they can also Save and Share the notes that they record with their peers! Here’s a quick rehash of the features:


How Notes Work: 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Quickly Access Notes

Note taking functionality can be quickly accessed by a drag and expand widget available on every course unit page.


Step 2: Easily Create and Save Notes

Notes are created using a simple and familiar rich HTML editor that pops open upon clicking the notes widget. Save your notes with a simple click!

notes-screenshot 2

Step 3: Share Your Notes!

Share your notes by choosing to save them as a Public note right from the editor! Shared Notes can be found on the Public Notes page created

notes-screenshot 3

Interested? Feel free to check out the complete feature list and documention here. Priced at $29 for a single site license, we believe it’s a bargain for a feature that has tons of applications, right from letting your learners share study notes with their peers to conducting periodic write ups based on the course material!

We have tons of cool features planned for future releases, your feedback will only make things cooler.

Happy Learning!





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