Instructor Role 3.3.0 – Group Access, Student Comments, and Notifications

    Sharon Koshy
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Over time we’ve received several suggestions and queries regarding a few features that many of you wished for in our Instructor Role plugin for LearnDash.

As we constantly work towards making our products better to ensure that your work is made simpler and easier and with this thought in mind, we’ve recently launched an Instructor Role 3.3.0 update.

In this latest Instructor Role 3.3.0 update, we’ve added three new features to the plugin:

  • Your Instructors can access groups
  • Your Instructors can access students’ comments
  • Compatibility with LearnDash notifications

Let’s take a detailed look at how these features will make your and your Instructor’s life a whole lot easier.

Your Instructors can now access Learndash groups

With this feature, your instructors can now become group leaders and access any LearnDash groups their enrolled students are part of.

How this feature will benefit your instructors:

  • Your Instructors will be able to create or delete their own groups.
  • They will be able to add those users to the groups who have either enrolled in the courses your instructor owns or shares with co-instructors.
  • They can select one or more users including themselves or any other user with sufficient user privileges to be the leader of the group.
  • They will be able to add one or more courses (own or shared) in that group.

group instructor.png 1Moreover, the Instructor Role plugin is now compatible with our Group Registration plugin which allows the instructors who are group leaders to automatically see the group registration page.

With that being said, now that your instructor can access and manage the group and its members, you can sit back and focus on other important aspects of your business.

2. Compatibility with LearnDash Notifications plugin

With this update, our Instructor Role plugin is now compatible with the LearnDash Notifications Plugin.

This means that your instructors will now be able to set notification triggers for different instances like an alert for when a student enrolls in their course or when a student enrolls in their group.

How will this benefit your instructors:

  • Notification triggers will make it easier for your instructors to keep up with the information that matters the most to them.
  • It will save your instructors tons of time that they spend in checking about new student enrollments, group enrollments, etc.
  • The notification triggers also give your instructors an idea about the frequency of the students enrolling in their courses and how they can work on improving this frequency.


While this feature makes life a little simpler for your instructors, it also makes life slightly easier for you as their dependency on basic information regarding their courses and student enrollments reduces to a great extent.

Plus, there’s another bonus update: Along with the LearnDash Notifications compatibility, the Instructor Role plugin is also compatible with the LearnDash Student Voice plugin.

So, if you’ve been using the LearnDash Student Voice plugin to gather students’ feedback/contribution regarding the courses, then your instructors will receive an instant notification every time a student leaves a feedback/contribution on their course.

The Instructor Role’s compatibility with LearnDash Notifications and LearnDash Student Voice plugin gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of the synergistic benefits in order to grow your eLearning business.

3. Access to student comments.

This last addition in the update will allow your Instructors to access the students’ comments on their courses so that they can know the feedback and the responses on their courses.

How will this benefit your instructor:

  • With access to students’ comments and feedback, your instructors will be able to quickly identify the gaps in their courses and can immediately work on improving it.
  • It gives your instructors an opportunity to interact with the students and work together towards improving their course.
  • It also reduces their effort of reaching out to you for the student’s feedback.

Having said that, this last feature in the Instructor Role’s 3.3.0 update will also help you in increasing your sales in the long term as your instructors will be able to implement new strategies or fix issues more quickly.

comments 1 Screenshot


In order to avail benefits of all the exciting updates, we request you to update your Instructor Role plugin to 3.3.0 version and in case, your license has expired or is about to expire, you’d want to renew it as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest updates.

Feel free to reach out in case of any queries 🙂

Sharon Koshy

Sharon Koshy

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