Future of E-Commerce: How Technology Will Change 10 Years from Today

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It’s exciting to see the constantly evolving e-commerce world move forward.

The online space has now become a haven for buyers. Products that you wouldn’t find online a few years ago, for example, groceries, medical equipment, taxis, are now easily available.

E-commerce is changing and will continue to grow and thrive as the market moves along. Let’s take a look at what the experts have predicted will happen, in the next 10 years.

Automated Shipping Vehicles

Get ready for automated shipping vehicles to transport shipments of various sizes without manual intervention. Drones are among the more prominent small shipping vehicles to check out; Amazon is working to build its own drone delivery system. Such drones could help deliver items to your home in just a few hours after you order them.

There is a potential for self-driving cars to work as delivery vehicles too. A self-driving car can alert you when it comes to your property so you can pick up an item that someone is trying to ship out to you. But as intriguing as this sounds, such cars are still in development. They would require extensive software programs and sensors to work as expected. Plenty of testing is also needed to ensure they don’t cause wrecks or go off of their designated routes.

The Value of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a huge aspect of e-commerce that deserves to be explored. Virtual reality devices can be used to give people a closer look at products they want to buy. You could feel the impact of a product or see how it looks from many angles, albeit virtually. Looking at stuff through a VR headset is surely more realistic and immersive than just looking at two-dimensional images of something online.

Know What’s In Stock

The days of having to drive from one store to another to pick up something will be a thing of the past thanks to the evolution of the e-commerce technology. While you will have the option to get something delivered to your home, you could also find out where a product you want to buy is located, in a physical store. You may have the option to reserve a product at one of these stores after you find it online. This saves you the trouble of having to check individual places for something you want to buy.

Interactive Mobile Apps

Mobile apps will help you find details on everything you want to get in a store. Such apps may be designed to display information on things and how they might look. For instance, a beauty store might offer an app that works with your camera to give you a simulated look at how some makeup product might look on your face.

Automated Customer Service

While many businesses these days use customer service departments, they will switch over to automated systems in the future. This would entail machines being used to identify certain keywords or concerns that you have. You could enter details on questions you have into a website. The site would then analyze your content and produce an answer based on the words found and how they are laid out.

When you add artificial intelligence to the mix, this proves to be a fail-safe solution for online vendors. Shoppers would have to take care of being as specific as possible when trying to get the answers, to get the expected results in as little time as possible.

Cryptocurrency Support

Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in recent time. Some of these currencies can make it easier for people to perform online transactions quickly and with lesser fees. The potential for more e-commerce sites to adopt the bitcoin and other related cryptocurrencies as payment options is something worth looking into.

But you will have to watch for how well such currencies evolve and how their values change. These investments have become notorious recently for having extremely volatile values that are impossible to predict or figure out.


You will be surprised by what you might find in the technology sector in the next few years.

There is a great potential for technology to evolve and change over time to make shopping a little easier while giving you more options for everything you wish to work with.

Stay tuned for more updates. Until then, it’s over to you!

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