10 Free Professional WordPress Business Themes (2017)

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This is a guest post by Vairo Kremanis. If you’d like to contribute to our blog, feel free to get in touch with us.

At the time of writing this, over 15,886,000 websites run on WordPress. To put that number into perspective, that’s roughly 28% of the entire internet. Needless to say, WordPress isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, especially as more mainstream companies are beginning to utilize it (CNN, USA Today, and TechCrunch to name a few).

However, given WordPress’s open developer-friendly code, there are thousands upon thousands of free website templates called themes. This in itself is amazing because the average business owner doesn’t need to be tech-savvy to find the right look for their website. Though with such a large volume to choose from, you could end up sacrificing hundreds of hours trying to find the right theme, hours that could very well cut into your business productivity.

But, fear not! We’ll save you some time and present you with our list of 10 free professional business themes, so you can engage your clients with style.

#1 Hestia by ThemeIsle

Hestia theme - themeisle

Themeisle’s Hestia theme is a nice option for small to mid-sized businesses. So if you’re running a restaurant, online firm, or wedding planning site, then this may be the theme for you. However, this doesn’t leave the rest of the business world out in the cold. Hestia offers great flexibility with things like custom backgrounds, colors, e-commerce support, and a few other bells and whistles listed below.

Notable Features:

• WooCommerce support
• Travel Map
• Parallax Slider
• Photo Gallery
• Blog/news page

Check it out: Hestia

#2 eStore by ThemeGrill

e-store by themegrill

It’s no secret that first impressions are everything. Themegrill knows this and they show it off in their premium-designed eStore theme. Needless to say, this theme is completely WooCommerce focused while delivering the same functionality and sense of professionalism comparable to any other mainstream e-store.

Notable Features:

• WooCommerce focused
• Integrated Google fonts
• Dedicated support forum
• Multi-language compatible (WPML plugin support)

Check it out: eStore

#3 Noblia by WPWarfare


If you’re looking for a trendy theme that you won’t have to change in the next 5 years then this is exactly what Noblia is all about. Although authors have created this theme on a base of a blogging theme, you can connect Noblia to any type of a WordPress cart – transforming this theme into an elegant business website with a nice blogging touch.

Noblia will set up everyone in the fashion, lifestyle, blogging, gadget or traveling industries for success from the very beginning, so well worth taking a closer look at this free theme.

Notable Features:

• Social networking icons
• Clean, lightweight code
• Custom CSS capability
• Smart featured images
• Available Ad space

Check it out: Noblia

#4 RestImpo by TT Themes

restimpo-tt themes

Short for restricted impossibilities, RestImpo is a polished, multipurpose theme aimed at businesses who want to keep it simple and clean. For those who’d prefer to get started as quickly as possible, RestImpo has six pre-defined color schemes. Combine that with its custom widget support and you’ll rarely find two RestImpo sites to be exactly alike. As a bit of a bonus, it offers support for over a dozen languages.

Unfortunately, TT themes no longer offer official support for RestImpo, but you’re still free to use it.

Notable Features:

• 220 Google fonts
• Social networking icons
• Available in a dozen languages
• WooCommerce support

Check it out: RestImpo

#5 Edin by Automatic


Edin advertises itself as a modern theme aimed at corporations who want an air of elegance associated with their online presence. Given its aesthetics, it’s a hard sell to refute. It comes with all the WordPress standards you’d expect with room for customization.

If you’re looking for a something elegant, yet corporate, Edin is for you.

Notable Features:

• Custom Header
• Featured Images
• Custom Background Theme
• Translation Ready

Check it out: Edin

#6 Business Hub by Rigorous Themes

business hub-rigorous themes

Now, a lot of these themes have been aimed at small businesses and corporations, but what about agencies? Thankfully, Business Hub fills that part. Not only does it have a clean and responsive UI, it also extends that same sense of professionalism across all platforms, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about your site on mobile devices.

Business Hub is entirely free, but it does offer a pro version for those who’d like a little more room for improvement. The pro version includes useful features like a testimonial section, an Instagram feed, and unlimited color options. This is one theme that agencies should take note of.

Notable Features:

• Theme options using a customizer API
• Mobile menu
• Favicon, logo, title, and tagline customization
• Testimonial section (pro version)
• Pricing plan (pro version)
• Client section (pro version)

Check it out: Business Hub

#7 Multipurpose by Shaon


This theme is exactly what it says on the tin. Shaon’s Multipurpose offers a highly customizable theme that’s SEO friendly to boot. In fact, it’s so customizable that it even offers the option to switch between blog style and corporate layouts. Couple those two factors with its drag and drop feature and one can see that its name isn’t just for show.

Notable Features:

• Drag and drop layout builder
• SEO friendly
• Unlimited color schemes
• Separate home pages for blogs and corporate sites

Check it out: MultiPurpose

#8 Kickstart Business by Mike Aggrey


Lawyers, consultants, and independent contractors take note because the Kickstart Business theme is meant for you. KB is a quick and easy way to set up your site without the hassle of delicate configurations, freeing up your time so you can spend it connecting with future clients.

On top of the standard customization options, it includes a pro version with nifty features like testimonials, one on one email support, and a portfolio feature. So, if you want to kick-start your business, but keep it hassle-free, then give this theme a try.

Notable Features:

• “Set it and forget it” installation
• Standard customization features
• Custom color, logos, and menus
• Testimonial section (Pro)
• Portfolio display (Pro)
• One on one email support (Pro)

Check it out: Kickstart Business

#9 Corpbiz by Webriti


Amongst the myriad of WordPress themes, there are more than a few hidden gems- gems that are the Swiss army knives among themes. Corpbiz is one of these gems. Looking to build a strong and visually impressive corporate homepage? Choose amongst a few in-theme templates, knowing they’re developed with the quality of Bootstrap 3 CSS. Maybe you’re a humble freelance writer? Corpbiz has you covered with a portfolio display.

Those are a few of the features in “Lite” version. It’s certainly worth checking out everything this theme has to offer, even if you don’t end up using it.

Notable Features:

• Built-in portfolio display
• Custom CSS box
• Front page Banner
• Latest News Column
• Caption Slider (premium)
• Project Slider (premium)
• Footer Callout (premium)

Check it out: Corpbiz

#10 Hueman by Nicholas GUILLAUME

hueman-nicholas guillaume

Load times and speed can make or break website traffic, no matter how good the content is. Hueman acknowledges this and gives its users a fast, beautiful, and responsive theme that runs seamlessly on mobile devices. Admittedly, it’s tailored towards blogs and magazines, but it could just as easily be used as a business news site.

With over 70,000+ active installs, it’s a small wonder why Hueman is one of the best-rated magazine/blog themes across multiple sites. If nothing else, the demo is certainly worth checking out.

Notable Features:

• Mobile friendly
• Completely optimized load times
• Fast performance
• Customization options

Check it out: Hueman

Author Bio:

Vairo Kremanis is an online entrepreneur and founder of His passion is content marketing, blogging, and WordPress in general, which is why he dedicates every spare minute he has to writing, hoping to share an arsenal of practical and useful information with others.



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