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Filter WooCommerce Product

There are E-commerce giants like Amazon that have a dedicated site for every country, and there are others like Flipkart who ship products in a single country and then there is you, somebody who wants to cater to more than one country, albeit with a single website, which is perfectly ok to ask for. In fact, we have set up several such eCommerce websites using WooCommerce  – the one stop shop for any eCommerce store in WordPress. The one aspect that we give maximum importance to while architecting such a website is that it should be simple for the end users.

This goal can be easily achieved while the number of products on the website are few. But what happens when the number of products increases?? What happens when the number of countries a product is manufactured and the number of countries a product can be shipped increases?? Let us assume that a user wants to search for products that have been manufactured in New York, USA. He’s shouldn’t obviously have to open every product page and see where it has been manufactured right? This is where product filters come into play.

Here’s How to Filter WooCommerce Product by Location

Let us assume that products on your website are manufactured in 10 different countries and you have approximately 1000 products on your website. Now when a visitor comes to your site specifically looking for products made in a certain country, city or region he shouldn’t have to open each page right? Remember I spoke about keeping the system simple earlier? This is the precise situation where you must offer simplicity to your customers. The customer should be able to reach the page he needs in a maximum of three clicks. Anything more than that and you can be sure you have lost a potential client.

In order, to make the search process simple for customers, they will be provided with a filter using which they can select the location of manufacture of the product and voila! They now have the products they are looking for right in front of them. Here’s a preview specially for you on how the filter will look to an end user.

Location Based Filter on Website

This is precisely what you are looking for, but I’m sure you wondering that WooCommerce does not give any input area for location of manufacture on a product’s page. Then how is it that this functionality going to work???

Don’t worry!

We will provide you with a custom field on a product page in the admin dashboard where you can enter the location the product has been manufactured. So the admin dashboard would look something like this.

Custom Field in Dashboard

Don’t like where the custom field is placed? Don’t you be hassled over that! We’ll put it right where you want, just the way you want it to be.

Other Scenarios where you can Filter WooCommerce Product

The use of product filters is not restricted to the location of manufacture. You can filter products similarly based on other parameters too. Here are a few examples.

  • Filter products based on shipping location
  • Filter products based on the type of products.
  • Filter product based on color of product
  • …..
  • ….. This list can go on and on because you can choose any parameter based on which the user will filter the products.

In totality Once the user is on your site he would have found the product he requires in the following three simple steps.


Simple 3 Click Process
Sagar Kale

Sagar Kale

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  1. 1. I need to know if i can place this plugin on my site where i am selling the product only in one country but in multiple cities?

    2. Is this plugin flexible with every theme out there?

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