Opening Doors With Open Source: Edwiser Bridge Is Now On GitHub!

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The story of how Edwiser Bridge came to be goes way back to the summer of 2015. What started as a very specific project for a particular client has gone on to become a massively successful product and pet project for WisdmLabs, Edwiser Bridge is evolving as we speak. Evolving into something even bigger!

Edwiser Bridge essentially bridges the gap between two exceptional open-source platforms, Moodle and WordPress, in just a matter of few clicks. Such that you can easily synchronize your Moodle Courses and Users with WordPress. Once that’s accomplished, you can virtually do anything possible within the limits of these two ecosystems; sell your courses using the awesome ecommerce capabilities of WordPress, or maybe even increase sales via various digital marketing techniques.

Expanding the scope of Edwiser Bridge is a direction we’re already working on, as is evident by these extensions developed by us for the same. Take a look!


Edwiser Bridge Is Now On GitHub!



We at WisdmLabs are strong advocates of open source, having always believed in giving back to the community that we’ve learned so much from. Edwiser Bridge has been an open source project right from the very beginning, hosted by us on Subversion for internal development and versioning.

But the stellar rise of Git over the last few years as the world’s largest repository of open source projects prompted us to cater to a much larger audience. Effective immediately, we’re proud to announce that Edwiser Bridge will now be hosted on GitHub, and is open for the community to reuse and refurbish.


Why GitHub?

The advantages of Git over SVN are numerous, it’s intuitive, faster and also substitutes as a file management system. This article by TreeHouse effectively sums up how Git is a better Version Control System. And it’s backed by a staggeringly large community.

The features that appeal to us the most? For one, GitHub allows you to store data locally on your computer (should you not have access to Git), and then automatically pushes the data onto its own servers once a connection is established. Crashes and power outages is never really a problem!

The ease of access provided by GitHub is second to none. A developer can easily find the code for any project hosted on Git, write additional modifications and conveniently commit it again to Git. The modifications are then automatically sent to the project owner for review where he/she can proceed to adapt the changes as required.


How Can You Contribute?

A lot of open source projects fall short when it comes to maintaining the coding standards. The code for Edwiser Bridge is PSR2 compliant, it adheres to the formatting standards followed by an international authority and is clean, consistent and open for re-use.

Any coder looking to contribute to the project will find appropriate hooks and filters; every function has a clear description attached about the resultant action, in the form of comments. This makes Edwiser Bridge extremely flexible in terms of adding new features and functionality, patches and various bug fixes and even working with various integrates and extensions.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Write modifications to the code.
  • Submit it to support@wisdmlabs.
  • We’ll review the code on our end and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Your code would be published after a successful review, with due credits to you.

Additional details regarding the process can be found right with Edwiser Bridge. We took the liberty to add a file named contribution.txt, that clearly outlines the procedure by which you can contribute to this project.

As for the end-users, it’s only going to get better for them from here on. More updates + more features + more extensions = More of the Edwiser magic!

Interested already? Click here to view Edwiser Bridge on GitHub!

We definitely look forward to hearing from you!



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