How to Create a Jobs Portal Website on WordPress

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A jobs portal website like monster or careerbuilder can be easily built on WordPress, using a plugin available. But out of the several job plugins available, WordPress Job Board Plugin, is a considerably advanced and feature-rich plugin.

The WordPress Job Board plugin has all the features needed to develop a complete employment website. The plugin provides a quick way to set up a jobs portal, all you need to do, is select a good theme to go along with it, and you’re all set.

The WP Job Board plugin maintains a list of jobs, applications, employers, candidates, payments and memberships. You even have options to set email alerts. Each option has settings which can be changed to meet your specifications.


The Feature of WP Job Board Plugin

  • Easy creation of Jobs, Candidate Profiles, Company Profiles from front end: The plugin provides easy options for companies, to post jobs and create a company profiles. Candidates can create profiles and add resumes. Also candidates can apply to jobs directly, which will be saved as a job application in the dashboard.

WPJobs Board Dashboard

  • Job Categories and Types for Filtered Search: Jobs categories(such as default, featured, etc) and types (such as full-time, freelance, part-time, etc) can be applied to jobs being created, to allow for easy filtering of listed jobs. Jobs can also be filtered based on location. You can create categories, and types in the plugin settings.

  • Advanced Search options for Employees and Candidates: Advanced Search options are provided to employees (for resume search) and candidates(for job search). The fields in the forms can be changed using the settings menu.

WPJB Advanced Search

  • Paid listings of Jobs: A job listing by default, expires after a certain duration. The plugin provides an option, to add a paid listing for a job. This can be used by to buy a ‘featured job’ listing, or extend the duration of the posted job listing. There are settings provided to create paid job postings, and adjust the prices.

  • Email alerts for Job Postings: Candidates can register for email alerts, based on keywords, such as a job profile, location name, etc.

  • You can offer membership to Companies: Memberships can be provided to Companies, for a fee, which allows them to post multiple job listings at a discounted rate, or direct access to the Resume database.


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WP Job Board is a Completely Customizable Plugin

The WP Job Board Plugin, has a dedicated ‘Settings’ section, to completely customize all the options that can be provided on your job portal website. You can customize the menus available, pricing options, integrate payment gateways, configure email templates, etc.

WPJB Settings

The settings options are very detailed to control every option.


If you are looking to build a robust jobs listing website, fairly quickly, without any hassles, the WP Job Board plugin, is a must have for you.

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  1. Hi, Namrata
    I want to know in WordPress how i will create a employee and employer id box for sign in, sign out and sign up same like, and many others. Please help me in this.
    Prateek Seth

    1. Hi Prateek,
      Ideally, even if you have a single login form, you should restrict content access using Roles. If you wanted to create separate login forms, you can check out the wp login form function. You can add a check for user role by using the wp_authenticate_user filter.

      1. HI NAMRATA


        AT 9212384488

  2. hi i need an help i wan to create an job portal on my won access how to create it like naukari,monster,etc can u help me &also bulk sms portal

  3. what are the main requirements and the architecture to create a job portal website like Can any one suggest me. Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Namrata,
    I am looking for such kind of plugin from long time. Thanks for this great post.
    Can you provide any website which is running on this plugin?

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