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    Mrunmayee Kulkarni
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Halloween is here and it’s back with the spooky cheer! You can feel it in the air. It’s that time of the year again when people dress up in their scariest best and spook the bejesus out of each other. It is also the season to go shopping! And hence, it’s the best time for online store owners to put their marketing caps on and boost their sales.

In this article, we are going to you some effective, albeit tried and tested, traditional methods for WooCommerce to increase your Halloween sales.

Ideas to boost WooCommerce sales during Halloween


#1 Looks matter

Just like the costumes and props, the look of your store matters a lot too. Your storefront should be thematic so that it puts people in a Halloween mood right away. WordPress offers seasonal themes, and there’s quite a few for Halloween too. Here are some ideas –

  • Spooky Halloween
  • Halloween Pumpkin
  • Halloween in Blue
  • Halloween House
  • Halloween (just that)
  • Casper Halloween (great for a kiddy audience)

Or you can add some creative banners on your website slider. Get ahold of a graphics designer and get your spook game on. If you already have a pop-up, then you can add Halloween elements to that too. And don’t forget your homepage. In a nutshell, your store should look, and feel, Halloween-y.


#2 Send out Emails

If you aren’t running any Halloween special campaign yet, then reconsider. Email marketing is an effective way of bringing existing customers to your store. Are you running special discounts or offers during the holiday? Or have you just reloaded with some awesome new Halloween stock like costumes, pumpkins, decorations and the works? Then you should let your customers know about it by sending out emails.

Don’t forget to make them Halloween-themed. Consider adding pumpkins at the bottom of the email, or silhouettes of the Adams Family House. Witches and ghouls work great too!

Creatively designed emails with engaging content are very powerful in driving customers to your store. If themed properly and designed smartly, they are memorable and very effective in boosting sales.


#3 Offers abound!

Give your customers something as an incentive to add to their festivities. Gift cards are great because they do two things –

  1. They are a freebie for your customers.
  2. They are exclusive to your store so even when your customers gift them to their family or friends, you end up gaining more customers.

You can have other offers or discounts as well. For example, if someone buys a witch costume, you can throw in a pumpkin bubble bath or carving kit for free. You can let them create gift boxes with items of their choice. The possibilities are endless.

Offering freebies encourage customers to shop for their gifts on your store too. It also adds to the festive cheer and puts a smile on their faces.


#4 Don’t forget your loyal customers

Customer loyalty is very important to the success of a business. And when do customers remain loyal? When you give them something in return! Create specific offers solely for your regular customers, like Halloween Loyalty Rewards. You can do something like giving them extra discounts or a special gift of their choice. Send them personalized emails. Make them feel as valuable as they are to your store.

You can do something like giving them extra discounts or a special gift of their choice. Send them personalized emails. Make them feel as valuable as they are to your store.


#5 Personalized giveaways

Another great way to boost your Halloween sales is by offering personalized rewards or offers to a specific group or customers. For instance, you can give your employees or business partners an extra 20% off on products; your customers and their friends can create a single shopping cart, and the more items you purchase, the greater the discount. Customer specific pricing is a great way to set discounts for specific customers or groups of people.


#6 Hourly sales

“Extra 50% off on all Halloween costumes from 2 pm to 5 pm” is an example of hourly sales. You can schedule these sales for a later date as well, especially if they are nighttime offers, using a Scheduler for WooCommerce. This creates a sense of urgency and excitement in buyers, nudging them to make a purchase.


#7 Countdown sales

You must have seen an item or a larger-scale sale with a timer next to it saying “90% off on ‘Spooky Pumpkin Faces’ for 2 hours, 36 minutes, 45…44…43…seconds. That’s basically what a countdown sale is.


#8 Chained sales

A chained sale goes like this – “Buy the entire Hotel Transylvania costumes set and take the props home for free. Props include fake bats, spiders, cobwebs, vampire teeth, capes, and glow-in-the-dark jelly.”


#9 Grouped sales

If a customer wants to buy trick-or-treat candy of different types, then you can provide a feature that adds 5 kinds of candy directly to the cart and offers a discount on them. Or anything along those lines for similar or related categories of items.


To Conclude

Halloween is one of the most elaborate holidays of the year, with so many accessories and accompaniments. It has so many aspects to it – the costumes, pumpkins, candles, candy – the list is endless.

This makes Halloween a very beneficial holiday for online stores to make some good business and have fun while doing it. So if you own a WooCommerce store, get your sales shooting through the roof this Halloween with these awesome techniques.

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

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