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    Tahseen Kazi
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advanced-notifications-blog-imageIn the classroom teaching method, students are notified about various activities by an individual. It could either be an instructor or someone from the back end office. So when a student enrolls for a course he is notified through an email, or when a course end date is nearing he is notified by the instructor. Similarly, there is a manual process to notify users about all other events related to the course.

So what happens when the teaching method is taken online to a system such as LearnDash? Such a manual does not work there as the purpose of automation is then lost! That’s where the advanced notifications feature comes in. The advanced notification feature for LearnDash would allow users to send customized email notifications to enrolled students on a course by course basis. So if LearnDash is your preferred choice of learning management system then the advanced notifications feature is definitely a valuable add on for your online classroom.

Advanced Notification Emails  that can be sent to Students

1. Course Enrollment Notification Email

  • The most basic notification email that a student can be sent is when he enrolls for the course. Various details specific to the course can be incorporated in this email. This email can be used by a student as reference at any later point of time.

2. Course Due Date Reminder Notification Email

  • LearnDash provides the web admin with a feature to define the time for which a course will be available to an enrolled student. The course will expire after the set time period and will no longer be available to the student.
  • One issue that can be encountered by enrolled students due to this feature is that they might overlook the course expiry date and thereby not be able to complete the course. Hence a reminder email a few days before the course expiry date would avoid the occurrence of such an event.

3. Course Expiration Notification Email

  • A student can be sent a notification email after the course that he has enrolled for expires. This notification email will especially be useful to you as a Learndash user as this email can be used as a means to build an extended relationship with the student. The student can also be informed about other courses that will be useful to him, through this email.

4. Course Completion Notification Email

  • The student can also be sent an email once the course has been completed notifying the student about the same.  This email can also be used as a means to provide the student with any results that might be associated with the course.

5. Course Not Started Notification Email

  • This type of notification email is especially useful for courses that come with an expiry date. So, if a student has purchased a course that will expire seven days after the enrollment date then he can be sent a reminder mail if he has not started the course after a certain set duration. This notification mail could also include the number of days left for the course to expire.

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How to Send Advanced Notification Emails to Students

In order to be able to send advanced notifications to students, the course page in the LearnDash dashboard will have to be customized. Following the customization a custom data box will be made available to the admin in the dashboard. The admin can make the following changes using the custom data box

  1. Choose to send the notification based on the course status
  2. Choose whether to notify the user or not
  3. Define an email template for that particular notification.



The above is an example of the custom fields that can be made available in the custom data box to send notification email to a student on successful enrollment to a course. Likewise there there can be custom fields available for all other notification emails. These settings can be made available on every course page in the dashboard and hence can include email templates that are customized for that particular course.

So now you can get rid of the process of sending out manual notifications to students enrolled to courses in your LearnDash system and make life simple and efficient for yourself by choosing to incorporate this feature in your LearnDash system.


Tahseen Kazi

Tahseen Kazi

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    1. Hi Oscar,

      This feature is currently not available as a plugin. Although a customized service can be provided. Let me know if you would be interested!

    1. Chris, currently we are focused on some other projects and we don’t have an estimate for this feature. Is a customized solution something you would be interested in?

    1. This is not an off the shelf plugin. However, if you are interested we could work out a custom solution for you. Is that something you would be interested in?

    1. advance notification feature is excellent for emailing and blogging because incase blogger type in a new topic when he start to write like RSS is example new blogging update….

  1. @Tahseen Kazi , I need to enable this feature on my learndashLMS courses.. Please Guide me how to enable these feature….
    Thanks in Advance

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