How to Add a Daily Horoscope Functionality to Your Astrology Website on WordPress

    Aparna Gawade
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Daily Horoscope WordPress Plugin

Of all the website development projects that I have been a part of, it was interesting to create a website for an Astrologer. The client knew exactly what he wanted, so it was easy for us to provide him with a solution. His idea was to provide people with convenient means to contact and communicate with him. The entire website design was based on the idea of convenience, or easy access.

As part of the website, we added a Daily Horoscope functionality. The Daily Horoscope functionality was based on the Horoscope section you would usually find in a newspaper. Thus, it made sense to aptly position it in the sidebar. In WordPress, content in the sidebar is added as a widget, thus we created a Daily Horoscope widget for the Astrology website.

What is the Daily Horoscope Widget?

A Daily Horoscope widget displays the horoscope information for each sun sign on a daily basis. The sun signs are listed in a column (widget) in the sidebar. The information is easily accessible, upon clicking each sun sign link. To add this functionality to your Astrology or Horoscope website, you will have to use the Astrology WordPress plugin we created.

How to Use the Astrology WordPress Plugin?

The Astrology plugin that we built, is a simple to use plugin. You can use it on your website to add the Daily Horoscope functionality. The plugin installs and activates like any other WordPress plugin. You can activate it on any WordPress website.

The Daily Horoscope Functionality

What are the Astrology Plugin Settings?

Upon activating the plugin, a menu ‘Zodiac Signs’ is created in your admin dashboard. This menu provides you the option to add horoscope information for the various sun signs. You can add the information on a daily basis, or update information for several days at once.

Astrology Plugin Settings

How to Add a Daily Forecast for Each Zodiac Sign?

To add the forecast for a particular sun sign, say Aries, go to ‘Zodiac Signs> Aries’. You can add content using the usual WordPress post editor, or you can update content for several days using the CSV import option (great to use option, you must try it).

CSV Update Option

In case you use the CSV option, to bulk update information, use the [my_horoscope] shortcode, as a placeholder for the information. Do remember to update the post once you have made the needed changes.

How to Display the Daily Horoscope Widget?

The Astrologer plugin also adds a WPZodiac Horoscope widget, in the widgets section. This widget can be added to any sidebar on a page, or in the footer (although I’d recommend adding it in the sidebar for convenient user access).

Daily Horoscope Widget

This widget basically provides a link to the information associated with each Zodiac Sign. Upon clicking this link, the horoscope (for the sun sign, as added for that day), will be displayed. It doesn’t get simpler than this. You can easily update the information as per your convenience. The plugin is well suited for a site owner (i.e., easy to manage), and adds an easy-to-use functionality for any site visitor.


Developing the Astrology website to create convenient features, was a great learning experience. The outcome was creative, reusable plugins, such as the Daily Horoscope widget, which can be a great addition to any WordPress Astrology website. So how did you find my article, I would love to hear your views about this plugin. Do write your opinion and suggestions, in the comment section below.

Aparna Gawade

Aparna Gawade

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  1. What is the exact name of the plugin and where can I find it? I need such of customisable daily forecasts. Thank you in advance.

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