9 Reasons You Should Start Using WooCommerce Products Designer

    Tahseen Kazi
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woocommerce-products-designer-blogIf there is one thing that I dread profoundly is deciding on a gift for a relative or friend. Most of the times I do not know of their taste, I want the gift to be a thoughtful one and I almost never know if they already have what I might give them.

Bottom line is I am in a pickle!

The one thing I am sure of is that I am not an isolated case of this dilemma. If you too are in a similar situation then here’s a small experiment that is sure to help you. Amazon and Spreadshirt are two very popular online shopping portal.

Now tell me which of them compels you to explore some more into the website?

My guess would be it is the latter. There is a distinct appeal to the latter – and that is personalization. From a gifting perspective, it makes for a very good option as you can be sure the receiver surely does not have what you will be giving and it also shows that you care.

Are you wondering why I am telling you all this?

Well, cause I want to give you an end user’s perspective – a very important take in the online business world.

If you already have a WooCommerce store here are some compelling reasons to start using WooCommerce Products Designer. (And you don’t have a WooCommerce store then it’s time you launched one especially for gifting purposes. After all giving gifts is not about to go out of fashion just yet)

9. Integrated With Social Networking Sites

[space]If there is one thing apart from selfies that has taken the internet world by storm in this millennium it is Social Networking Sites.  So, while it is in vogue let;s leverage it.

And the makers of WooCommerce Products Designer have rightly done so by integrating Facebook and Instagram with their plugin.

What this means for you? Well, this means that customers can effortlessly get images from their accounts on these social networks and use them to customize products on your website.

How? By directly logging into their accounts.

And while we are talking about images there is one more thing that is worth a mention. Customers can upload images from their systems too!

Talk about Power to the Customers!!

8. Define Templates

Personalization is definitely  IN, agreed! But relatively speaking it is new. So, if you are concerned that there might be hand holding required for customers then the option to upload design templates is a must use.

Get your creative cogs working and help your customers customize products on your website.

7. Download the Design

Customization often calls for opinions. Customers would have questions in their mind pertaining to the design.

In the case of organizations placing a bulk orders there might be a requirement on approval of the design. In this case, the option to download the design is particularly useful from the customers perspective.

And anything useful to the customer means that it is useful to you.

6. Allows Users to Upload Designs

Just like you can define templates here is an option to allow users to upload their own design templates.

This option is particularly helpful for someone who needs a personalized product, has a design ready and does not want to go through the hassle of designing it on your website.

Who would this person be? Well for one he is most likely to be a profitable customer. This is an inference made from an assumption that a person who already has a design ready most like belongs to an organization that needs a product for all its members. This organization could be an office that needs personalized stationery for their employees or an NGO which needs personalized t-shirts for their members.

On that note, the plugin just keeps getting better ladies and gentleman 🙂

5. Great Edit Features

Personally I am a huge fan of the various edit options provided by the plugin.

It allows you to impose required text on the product. The number of text formatting options is pretty surprising for a plugin.


It allows users to customize the product using existing shapes and clipart. There are formatting options provided for this too. So if you want to change the color of the shape or the alignment don’t fret. It’s simple!


4. Preview Customized Products Before Purchase

A final view of the product reiterates confidence within the customer to follow the purchase through. While many might consider this as an insignificant feature it is indeed an important one. And this I can tell you from personal experience of our Collage Maker Plugin.

Now get the users upbeat by giving them a preview of the design and ensure an increase in sales. (You might not believe this, but I’m telling you this works)

3. Ideal for Those on a Budget

The plugin comes with a modest price tag of $33. And with its powerhouse features I might not just shy away from calling it ‘cheap’.

With all the awesome features such as multiple edit options, integration with Instagram and Facebook, option to upload design templates, option to download and preview the design etc it definitely qualifies for the ‘Cheap’ tag. (In a good sense of course ;))

2. Your Customers Want It

If my reasoning up until now has not convinced you then WAKE UP GUYS I would say. Customers are increasingly looking for customization options. Give it to them for God’s sake! And earn some money in the bargain 😉

If this argument did not convince you then I don’t know what will! *Phew*

1. Prompt Support

Did I tell you the last point was the last one? Oops, I’m sorry. I have one more reason up my sleeve.

The makers of this website offer prompt support. Here’s your proof.


Prompt support is crucial guys. For any of you with any previous experience in this area will echo this sentiment. And WooCommerce Products Designer surely does score on this count.

So are you ready to take on the product personalization tide? If yes then start with a test drive to the WooCommerce Products Designer plugin and do it NOW. It seems like a good time 😀

Tahseen Kazi

Tahseen Kazi

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