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    Tahseen Kazi
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collage-maker-blog-imageDo you have a WordPress website and have been looking for a collage maker for it? If yes, then you happen to be in the right place. Coincidentally, you are not the only one looking for this functionality.  We have received requests for a collage creation functionality time and again from clients.

So what is the collage creation solution? Well, a collage maker essentially allows a user to fetch images from sources such as the user’s computer or Instagram and create a collage of the images. The solution has been integrated with WooCommerce to allow a website owner to then sell these collages either independently or with other products. The collage created can have various applications such as creating a poster of images, customizing products with the collage created etc. Albeit, before we go into the applications of the collage maker let’s understand how the collage maker works in more detail.

How does WooCommerce Instagram Collage Maker Work?

The collage maker solution currently allows users to fetch images from either their system or Instagram and use these images to create a collage. This solution has been integrated with WooCommerce thus allowing a website admin to sell these collages either independently or along with another product on their website.

Working of Collage Maker Solution

Create a Collage on Your WooCommerce Website: 6 Simple Steps

The website visitor’s experience of creating a collage using the collage maker can be explained in the following six steps.

Step 1: Select a Product from Shop Page

Collage Maker Settings in Admin Dashboard
  • The user selects a product from the WooCommerce shop page. Each product will have the maximum number of images that can be added and the number of columns defined in the admin dashboard.
  • For example, let us assume the user selects a photo frame from the WooCommerce shop page. The user can now create a collage which can be bought along with the photo frame. Let us assume that the maximum number of images that can be uploaded is set to 12 and the number of columns is set to 4.
  • The website admin can also define the size of images in the grid. Once the user has set the size of the image, all the images in the grid will be of the same size.
  • Additionally, the user can set the distance between the grid images and the color of the space between the images.





Step 2: Upload Images

  • Based on the maximum number of images that have been defined in the dashboard for this product the user can now fetch 12 photos from either the storage of the device that is being used or from Instagram.
Upload Images to make Collage
  • The images that are fetched from Instagram can be searched based on either the tags or the username.
  • Additionally, the user is provided with a sticky menu on the Instagram page indicating the number of images he can select to add to the grid.
Collage Maker: View of Instagram Page

Step 3: Rearrange Images

  • The images can be rearranged in the grid by dragging and dropping the images.
  • Images in a grid can also be duplicated and deleted with an option for it provided at the corner of every image.
Edit Options in Collage Maker

Step 4: Add to Cart

  • Once the user has completed creating the collage he can add the product to the cart.

Step 5: See Preview

  • The user will be provided with a preview of the collage on the cart page.
Preview of Collage on Cart Page

Step 6: Checkout

  • Once the user is satisfied with the final collage that he sees on the cart page he can proceed to check out.



Plausible Features for WooCommerce Instagram Collage Maker

The current functionality of the collage creation solution includes an important functionality of fetching images from Instagram. In spite of that the features could be expanded to add more value to the solution. I have listed a few possible features below. Please feel free to make your suggestions in the comments section on features that you feel may improve the solution.

1. Variable Grids for a Single Product

  • The number of rows and columns in a grid for a single product can be variable. So a 4′ x 4′ grid can have a variable number of rows and columns depending on the user’s choice

2. Image Layout

  • An option can be provided to the user to change the image layout to either landscape view or portrait view.

3. Image Editing Options

  • Advanced image editing options such as rotate image or add effects can be added to the solution. The user could also be provided an option to add text to the image that has been created.

4. Grid Zoom Option

  • The user could be provided with an option to zoom in and zoom out the grid for a better view and improved user experience.

5. Variable Size Images in Grid

  • Currently, the solution has been designed in such a way that all the images in the grid are fixed size. The user can, however, be provided with an option to have variable sized images in the grid.

6. Import Images from Facebook

  • The current solution allows users to import images from Instagram. Likewise, a feature could be incorporated which allows users to import images by signing into their Facebook account.

Applications of  WooCommerce Instagram Collage Maker

The main application of a WooCommerce Instagram Collage Maker is in product customization websites. So, once a collage has been created it can be used for customization of various products. A few examples of the customizations that are possible with this solution are as below.

  • The collage created can be used to customize apparel such as t-shirts by imposing the image on it.
  • Collage maker can be used in a customized gift card creation website wherein the collage created can be imposed on various views of the card depending on the users choice.
  • This solution can also be used by websites that mainly sell photo frames and collages as products. Here the collage can be sold along with the base product which is the photo frame.

So, the bottom line is that the solution can be used for any eCommerce website that uses WooCommerce to sell their products.

Tahseen Kazi

Tahseen Kazi

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