How to Run Your Own CRM using WordPress

    Sagar Sheral
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If you’re not running a CRM or are using a CRM solution like salesforce then now is the time to consider using WordPress to host your own CRM.

What is a ‘CRM’..

CRM is customer (or client) relationship management. Using a CRM system lets you manage your list of customers and use insights on them to improve sales and business insights

WordPress is great to use as a CRM since you can:

  • Add as many WordPress ‘CRM’ users as you like (at no extra cost)
  • Manage as many leads and customers as you like (no limits here)
  • Self host your own data and be in control of it

Sounds Great? But which software should you use? When it comes to choosing a CRM solution, searching on gives you over 20 pages of results.

Don’t worry! We’ve done the work for you and filtered through these and have found the best CRM to use for WordPress.

Introducing Zero BS CRM

Zero BS CRM is, in our opinion, the easiest and best CRM for WordPress. One thing we particularly love about the CRM is the ability to Sync it with WooCommerce. There’s so much that this CRM can do (included in the free version) that means you should definitely give it a go.

Out of the box, Zero BS CRM lets you:

  • Generate new leads using the lead generation forms
  • Import leads and customers from CSV
  • Manage a central list of leads and customers
  • Tag your customers (for easy location)
  • Search your customers (based on tag or their name)
  • Make notes of any activity against a customer (new call, tweet, email)
  • Manage and send quotes to customers
  • Manage and send invoices to customers
  • Give customers and clients access to their own ‘portal’ to see their invoices
  • Log transactions against customers (and see customer total value)
  • Add ‘CRM’ users to your team to help you manage customers

All that, unlimited, and for free. The Zero BS CRM doesn’t stop there though. Check out all the features here.

When compared to other CRMs available for WordPress, Zero BS CRM really shines. It’s so simple to use and easy to start adding your customers and managing your leads and customers to improve your business. But it doesn’t stop there…

Zero BS CRM is Extendable

The CRM is great out of the box, but with the extensions it gets even better. Part way down the version 2.0 launch page there’s a ‘what type of business are you’.


This lets you see recommended extensions for your business type and is a super simple way to know which extensions to pick. Taking an eCommerce view the recommended extensions are:

  • WooCommerce Sync – brings in your order history adding customers and assigning transactions to them. Keeps your CRM up to date with new orders coming in.
  • Sales Dashboard – see revenue reports, customer growth and average revenue per customer, queryable over any period
  • Mail Campaigns – send targeted emails to customers who have purchased particular products or have spent certain amounts with you

Bundles, Bundles, Bundles

The recommended extensions are great and give you an idea of which ones you may want to purchase individually. However there are three great bundles available and with the launch week offer these are discounted by 50%.


What caught our attention was the Entrepreneur’s Bundle. This bundle gives access to everything. All extensions and all future extensions. All for only $199 a year.

Simple to use

Zero BS CRM is easy to use. When clicking install and activate you are presented with a super easy install wizard. This guides you through the process, asks you what type of business you are, and pre-configures the CRM for you.


Following the initial setup, the CRM is then presented as a number of extensions (free) which helps you to customise and turn on / off any of the core features.


This makes it super easy for you to control what’s available to you (and hides anything you don’t want to be using).

Why Switch from something like SalesForce

Salesforce is great, it’s a large company and they do a lot of good things. However in our opinion the features they offer can often be too much for users.

The cost of the software (since it’s a pay monthly, per user cost) can soon mount up as your business grows.

If you’ve got a sales team of 10, then you’re looking at prices in the hundreds, maybe even thousands a month. Some of this for features you never use.

When looking at ZBS CRM in comparison you can have access to all the extensions and all the future extensions for just $397 a year.

This is an optional renewal too. If you find you don’t want to keep paying, you can keep using the software plus it’s extensions. Unlike salesforce where the software will get cut off for you.

Special Launch Offer

Zero BS CRM is almost a year old, so it’s been on the market a while now. In the year since it’s been launched it’s gone through a lot of amazing updates and has grown into a really solid CRM solution.

Version 2.0 (an even bigger update, bringing with it an API) really catapults this CRM into the next layer of the atmosphere. With this addition, the CRM can be connected to thousands of apps and you can do things like:

  • On addition of a new lead or customer, add them to a MailChimp list
  • Create customers programmatically
  • Connect thousands of apps using Zapier

The addition of the API in version 2.0 means there’s so much more coming from the ZBS CRM team.

If you’re not running a CRM now is the time to consider using one for your business. You don’t need to just be an eCommerce store, all business types can benefit from using a CRM.

Sagar Sheral

Sagar Sheral

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