WisdmLabs’ WooCommerce Plugins: Now With Lifetime Validity

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The world of WisdmLabs’ plugins has recently seen a new addition, of Lifetime Licenses for each product. The stimulus for initiating a Lifetime License came from requests of our existing clients who preferred the one-time payment for an eternity of support method as compared to recurring payments year after year.

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The idea of Lifetime Licenses is pretty straightforward. At a fixed, one-time price, the license empowers you to:

  • Avoid Recurring Costs

By definition, the lifetime license is for, well, a lifetime! This implies that once purchased, you do not have to renew the plugin or purchase an update ever again. Say goodbye to alarms and reminders for plugin renewals for ever.

  • Get Lifetime Updates

The Lifetime License offers regular automatic updates for the plugin, as and when they are released. The complete process for updating the plugin and providing you with the updated version will be managed at our end, you need not worry in the slightest about checking for updates and installing them regularly.

  • Avail Priority Support

Complete support is an additional feature of the Lifetime License. As a rule, customer support is only offered while your license is live. As the validity of the lifetime license does not have an outer limit, you are entitled to front-of-the-line support for practically forever!

  • Insure Yourself from Price Hikes

Price hikes are an inevitable part of life. As the plugin undergoes modifications and incorporates new features, the price of the plugin increases correspondingly. Despite the discount offered during renewals, these price hikes can burn a hole in your pocket over time. With the Lifetime License, you can avoid this quagmire as you are free from renewals after the one-time purchase.

These Lifetime Licenses have been enabled for all of the company’s WooCommerce extensions, including Product Enquiry Pro, Custom Product Boxes, Customer Specific Pricing, and WooCommerce Scheduler.

Cue the celebration 🙂

The Lifetime License is a great way of availing continued product updates and support, without the added hassle of recurring renewals! Note that it is currently available for single site installs only and is valid for the lifetime of the plugin. It is also subject to the terms and conditions as specified by the company.

Have you got your Lifetime License yet?!



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