Are you getting a Lifetime License*?

Excellent choice! Here’s how much a Lifetime License can benefit you in the long run!

The Lifetime License requires you to pay only once, and the Plugin is yours forever. No subscription fees and no renewals. A regular license must be updated every year for continued updates and support. With the Lifetime License, this is free, starting right from the day of purchase!
The Lifetime License eliminates all recurring costs, with zero license-renewal fees. This ensures integrated updates with no additional cost* whatsoever!
Updates are the lifeblood of the Plugin. We continuously release newer and better versions of our plugins with bug fixes, additional features, theme integrations, and other enhancements to improve plugin performance. As the title implies, purchasing a Lifetime License lets you access all these updates for free, forever!
Plugin support is invaluable in resolving any issues that might arise. A Lifetime License entitles you to front-line access to our skilled and dedicated support team for three years.
The plugin price is subject to change with time, with periodic increments that align with the product updates and modifications. However, the Lifetime License insures you from any future price hikes after your one-time purchase! Need to update your Regular License to a Lifetime License? Contact Us to get a Discount now!

*A Few Clarifications

  • The Lifetime License is only for 1 Business License (Staging + Production). It cannot be used for multiple WordPress installs. You can contact us here to get various lifetime licenses for a bulk discount.
  • The plugin support period does not include site-specific plugin customizations (core customization).
  • All Lifetime Licenses are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the product.
  • All Lifetime Licenses are valid for the lifetime of the Plugin.
  • A Lifetime License is eligible for a refund within 15 days of purchase.
  • The company reserves the right to change its policy without prior notice.