8 Best WooCommerce Mix and Match Plugins for 2024

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As a kid, my parents made this rule for me – Once in a month, I could have pizzas for dinner! 

I called it my lucky day. We’d go to my favorite pizza joint and I vividly remember ordering Pepperoni Pizza (always!). 

Now, the interesting thing about this particular pizza joint was – they’d actually ask me for my preferences of the pizza base (flatbread, thin crust, etc.), toppings, sauce, and dips. Plus, who doesn’t care for extra jalapenos? 😛

This was a unique experience for me. Although, much later I learned it’s called mix and match strategy which is also an extension to product bundling. But, if you look around, you’ll notice many businesses are successfully using it to push customer delight and sales.

Especially when it comes to a WooCommerce store, it’s all about making the shopping experience unique for your customers, isn’t it?

And, to help you ace that, I’m here to tell you about 8 incredibly best WooCommerce mix and match product plugins you can use right away to enhance customer experience and sales.

Let’s get to it!

1. WISDM Custom Product Boxes


The WISDM Custom Product Boxes is a powerful plugin that will take your WooStore miles ahead. It allows you to place power in your customer’s hands by letting them create their own assorted product bundles. In doing so, you can avoid what many businesses do – Force customers to buy things that don’t interest them.

You can set limits to the size of the bundle and leave the rest of the aspects like quantity, color, size, etc. upon the customer’s choice. For e.g: In 5 Pack T-shirts, if the customer doesn’t like the orange color, he can choose 3 white and 2 blue or any color that he prefers. Moreover, you can even allow them to add a gift message in case they wish to gift the box to someone.

Also, the plugin comes with robust features to create subscription boxes, interesting layouts, offer pre-filled kits, partially-filled product boxes, etc. to quicken your customers’ decision-making process.

Key Features of WISDM Custom Product Boxes

  • Empower customers to create their own assorted bundles as per their choice
  • Create unlimited and flexible mix and match bundle’s product variations, quantity, and pricing
  • Choose fixed or variable pricing types for your mix and match product bundle
  • Set layouts, colors, and style of the bundles to maintain your brand identity
  • Set up pre-filled product bundles and kits to increase your average orders
  • Add simple or variable products to the bundle as per your requirements
  • Set up Monthly or Yearly subscription boxes to generate recurring revenue

Pro’s & Con’s

1. Easy to set up and get started ASAP1. Not possible to create variable subscription boxes
2. Comes with tons of features to scale your WooStore 
3. It is developed by Certified WooExperts which means it is pretty reliable 
4. Offers a 15 Day Free Trial to explore all of its premium features. 
5. Incredible and responsive Support team available at all times 


  • 15 Day Free Trial available to explore how the plugin works
  • $79 – Single site Annual LicensePricing
  • $119 – Five sites Annual License
  • $158 – Ten sites Annual License

Get WISDM Custom Product Boxes

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2. Mix and Match Products by Kathy Darling

Mix and match products plugin

This incredible plugin is available on the official WooCommerce website. With this add-on, you can easily use Mix and Match strategy to offer similar products in a bulk container. Moreover, it supports simple as well as product variations and allows you to make available as many or as few items in the mix and match assortment box.

It also lets you have good control over shipping options – you can choose to ship the mix and match assortments together in one package or separately. Having said that, the plugin is suitable if you’re just starting out as it comes with limited features

Key Features of Mix and Match Products

  • Configure a size limit for the assortment of the bundle
  • Encourage bulk buying by allowing customers to choose assortments as per their choice
  • Customize templates for the box or table to suit the appearance of the product assortment
  • Supports flexible pricing like static pricing or price per item
  • Control inventory and shipping strategies to suit your needs

Pro’s & Con’s



1. Excellent support and detailed documentation available1. Lack of advanced features
2. Suitable for beginners2. Slightly expensive for the basic features
3. Offers complete control over shopping and inventory methods 
4. Easy to set up and understand 


  • $79 – Single site Annual License

Get Mix and Match Products

3. WooCommerce Product Tables by BARN2

woocommerce product table

The WooCommerce Product Tables is another popular plugin that lets you create a mix and match order form to allow visitors to build their own customized product boxes. You can use this add-on to make your products appear on individual rows of tables on your products page thereby, making it easier for your visitors to select the items to add to their product box.

You can create a logical category structure like a box or a hamper, individual products or variations, and include a gift wrapping option as well to help customers put together their WooCommerce mix and match product in a user-friendly way.

Furthermore, it also supports the WooCommerce Product Add-ons plugin that’ll help you configure and add more options to your mix and match products.

Key Features of WooCommerce Product Tables

  • Easily create tables anywhere on your website and list thousands of products
  • Add order forms and enable customers to order multiple products and variations in one click
  • Offer mix and match product option to your customers
  • Enable your customers to mix and match products in gift hampers or personalized product boxes 
  • Works well with several WooCommerce plugins that can add more value to your mix and match products section

Pro’s and Con’s



1. Extensive documentation and demo available1. Suitable only if you want to allow mix and match through a table format
2. Easy to set up and use2. Offers limited abilities with respect to Mix and Match functionality
3. Compatible with other WooCommerce plugins to enhance the mix and match products options3. It comes slightly expensive


  • $99 – Starter Pack Annual License

Get WooCommerce Product Tables

4. WooCommerce Mix and Match Pro by ProgosTech

Woocommerce Mix and Match Pro

Unlike others in the list, the beauty of this plugin lies in its several mixes and match configuration options available. Developed by Progostech, this add-on works as a great solution allowing your customers to create bundled packs by simply adding products of their choice to the product box.

You can even set a minimum and maximum limit to the number of products the customer can add to the gift box or the hamper. Moreover, it also gives you the opportunity to suggest the list of items from which your customer can add the products to their box. In that way, you can entice your users to include a product they wouldn’t have otherwise thought of adding.

Apart from this, you also have the option to offer pre-filled or partially-filled product boxes which can speed up your customer’s decision-making process.

Key Features of WooCommerce Mix and Match Pro

  • Enable customers to create their own product boxes with ease
  • Works perfectly fine with product types –  simple products and its variations
  • Add products to the gift box or assortment based on categories
  • Smoothly configure layouts and other settings of the box as per your needs
  • Set multiple pricing like Fixed pricing, Price per product, and dynamic pricing for the mix and match box
  • Activate the gift wrap message field option to allow customers to leave a note for their loved ones

Pro’s & Con’s



1. Incredible and responsive Support team 1. Lack of detailed documentation
2. Compatible with add-on plugins like WooCommerce Subscriptions 
3. Offers excellent user experience on mobile view 
4. Comes cheap for the features it offers 


  • $51.75 – Single site Annual License

Get WooCommerce Mix and Match Pro

5. Composite Products by SomewhereWarm

WooCommerce Composite Products

This is a very unique product builder engineered specifically for offering customizable product kits such as custom computers, assembling skateboards, shaving kits, etc. It is a pretty flexible plugin with robust features and is available on the official WooCommerce site. This plugin will be ideal for you if your business involves creating assembled products or product kits.

With this plugin, you can create a custom product configurator. For e.g: To build a custom skateboard, you can list down configurators under different parts like Trucks, Decks, wheels, bearings, and hardware, etc.

And, to make this purchase process more personal, you can group products and use paginated and responsive views to enable the customer to choose from various sizes, types, colors, etc. for different parts. It allows your customers to choose the product combinations.

Key Features of Composite Products

  • Allow your customers to choose individual parts on your store and assemble a customized product
  • Supports advanced conditional logic to control the visibility of the entire configuration steps
  • Make browsing fun by enabling product filtering/sorting options
  • Choose from multiple layouts and option styles to make the purchase more personal
  • Supports simple & variable products and product bundles

Pro’s & Con’s



1. Suitable for selling products that are a combination of other products in your store1. Not suitable to create simple product packages
2. Enables you to create a more personalized purchase experience 
3. Provides an extensive developer-friendly documentation 


  • $79 – Single site Annual License

Get WooCommerce Composite Products

6. Product Bundle by SomewhereWarm

WooCommerce Product Bundles

One of the most flexible and widely used plugins powering thousands of WooCommerce stores. This plugin focuses on offering personalized boxes and lets you control the total quantity of the items your customer can add to their box. 

Besides this, it also comes packed with features to help you create bundles containing a few related products and add discounting rules (bulk discounts) to make it more appealing. It is a complete solution designed beautifully to offer functions like shipping, pricing, inventory management, and grouping.

Furthermore, it also enables you to increase your average order value by letting you recommend ‘Frequently bought together’ items.

Key Features of Product Bundle

  • Create digital bundles that are downloadable
  • Enable customers to create their own personalized product box
  • Control shipping and pricing configurations to suit your needs
  • Integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions to let you offer personalized subscription boxes
  • Offer bulk discount on boxes through dynamic pricing rules
  • Supports Composite Products add-on to help you create assembled kits

Pro’s & Con’s



1. Offers functionalities beyond mix and match strategies

2. Supports Integration with various add-ons to add value to your store 
3. Extensive documentation available 
4. Excellent support track record 


  • $49 – Single site Annual License

Get WooCommerce Product Bundles

7. WooCommerce Mix and Match Products by extendons

WooCommerce Mix and Match products

Another plugin to make a mark on this list is the WooCommerce Mix and Match Products which is an equally powerful option. With this add-on, you can create your products list and enable your buyers to hand-pick (not literally :P) their choice of products and add to their personalized gift/product box.

You can access and attach dynamic pricing to the mix and match based products. And, you can even present it beautifully to your shoppers in a List or the Box view depending on your choice.

This WooCommerce mix and match plugin with its settings of attaching simple products and its variations enable you to give your shoppers the freedom to choose the products they actually like.

Key Features of WooCommerce Mix and Match Products

  • Use the Multiple layout options to enhance the appearance of the mix and match products in your store
  • Enable customers to add personal messages to their created gift box for their loved ones
  • Define the minimum & maximum quantity size of the mix and match bundle 
  • Options to offer pre-filled and partially-filled boxes to customers
  • Set Fixed, Per product or without base price pricing option for the mix and product bundle

Pro’s & Con’s

1. Simple and basic plugin suitable if you’re just starting out1. Offers limited features
2. Easy to set up and get started 
3. It is responsive and mobile-ready 
4. Compatible with WooCommerce Subscription 


  • $38 – Single site Annual License

Get WooCommerce Mix and Match Products

8. WooCommerce Smart Product Bundles by WebProLead

WooCommerce smart bundles

Again, a simple plugin that comes with minimum functionalities to allow shoppers to create their own mix and match bundle. It is relatively a new add-on on the block. It allows you to choose specific products for the bundle and lets your shoppers select the quantity only.

This works well if you want to force customers to purchase certain products along with their choice of product in the bundle.

Plus, you can set the minimum and maximum quantity along with the pricing type for the WooCommerce mix and match bundle.

Key Features of WooCommerce Smart Product Bundles

  • Show product items in the form a grid in the products page
  • Choose from 3 pricing types – Fixed, Per item price only, Per item plus Bundle regular price
  • Set minimum and maximum limits on items the customer can add to their bundle
  • Insert specific products into the bundle and allow customers to select only the quantity

Pro’s & Con’s



1. Easy to set up without any complications1. Offers limited features and is not suitable for mid or large scale businesses
2. Comes with responsive layout2. Lack of support and documentation


  • $22.88 – Single site Annual License

Get WooCommerce Smart Products

Final Thoughts,

Guys, that was my list for the 8 Best WooCommerce Mix and Match product plugins. And, well, this clever strategy to increase sales and boost customer experience isn’t a secret anymore. 

Frankly, it all depends on the products you’re willing to offer in the bundle and the pricing of course.

But, having said that, one can’t ignore the impact this strategy, in terms of revenue, can create for a WooCommerce business. And, when it comes to the selection of the right plugin, I’m going to quickly give you my 3 personal choices:

These 3 plugins come jam-packed with a plethora of features and are suitable for all sorts of businesses ranging from small to big.

However, I suggest you identify your requirements against each plugin and select the one that fits your needs the best. I hope this article was able to add value to your knowledge and help you in your decision-making process.

Feel free to add more WooCommerce Mix and Match plugins to this list or comment in case of any doubts 🙂


  1. What is a WooCommerce Mix and Match Plugin?
    A WooCommerce Mix and Match Plugin allows customers to create custom product assortments by selecting multiple items to form a bundle or package. It provides flexibility in choosing specific products to include in a single purchase.
  2. How can Mix and Match Plugins enhance the shopping experience for customers?
    Mix and Match Plugins enhance the shopping experience by offering customers the ability to personalize their purchases. This feature allows them to select products they desire, creating a tailored bundle that meets their preferences and needs.
  3. Are Mix and Match Plugins compatible with all types of products in WooCommerce?
    Mix and Match Plugins are designed to be compatible with various product types in WooCommerce. They offer flexibility in creating custom assortments, making them suitable for a wide range of products such as clothing, accessories, gift sets, and more.
  4. Do Mix and Match Plugins impact website performance or loading times?
    The impact on website performance or loading times by Mix and Match Plugins can vary depending on factors like the plugin’s efficiency, the number of products involved, and server capabilities. It’s recommended to choose well-coded plugins and optimize your website to minimize any potential impact on performance.
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