How to Use WordPress Multisite as an eCommerce Site Creator

    Pooja Mistry
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ecommerce-site-creatorHave you ever considered developing a website using which customers can create their own eCommerce website? For those of you who have and are left wondering on how to go about it, here are some insights which might help you. But before we go into that, here’s a lowdown for those of who have never considered the possibility but are interested nonetheless.

What is a eCommerce Site Creator?

An eCommerce site creator is primarily a Multisite which can host multiple eCommerce websites. A user who lands on this multisite can create an eCommerce site using a simple registration form provided on the website. It’s like your own version of for the eEcommerce domain.

What’s in it for the Users?

1. Hassle Free Creation of  Website

Users can now create an eCommerce website without the hassle of going through the process of choosing an appropriate eCommerce system and without being involved in the ups and downs of website development.

2. No More Website Maintenance Headaches

Users are now free from all maintenance issues too as it is handled by the website owner of the multisite, providing eCommerce site creation services.

3. Seamless Upgrades of Website Theme and Plugins

One more aspect that the eCommerce website owner doesn’t have to worry about is the upgradation of theme and plugins as this too is handled by the multisite owner.

4. Effortless Website Hosting

Added to the list of all the above benefits is an effortless website hosting experience because like all other aspects this too is handled by the multisite owner.

What’s in it for the Website Owner?

1. Provide Website Creation as a Service

A website owner can provide users with an instantaneous and a hassle free approach of website creation as a service.

2. Create Varied Subscription Plans

eCommerce website creation services can be provided as varied subscription packages. The packages can differ based on the offerings and can be provided on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis.

Features in a eCommerce Site Creator

Must Have Features

1. eCommerce Shop

add-instagram-collage-to-cartThe one absolutely basic feature that should be included and that goes without saying is an eCommerce shop. After all that’s what we’re here for right? Users can be provided this feature with WooCommerce, an extremely popular and comprehensive eCommerce Plugin. Incorporating such a plugin handles the requirement of a payment gateway too.



2. Contact Form

ecommerce-site-creator-contactAnother important feature that should be incorporated in the eCommerce website is a contact form. After all eCommerce store owners would want to build a channel using which their customer can connect with them right??



Good to Have Features

While the good to have features are not absolutely essential for the basic functioning of the eCommerce website, adding them will only help you increase your customer base.

1. Google Analytics for Pages

analyse-auction-bidsA feature that will prove an asset to the eCommerce website is the possibility of gathering analytics data for pages on the eCommerce website. Plugin like Google Analytics Dashboard for WP can be used to incorporate this feature.



2. Search Engine Optimization

restaurant-directory-website-searchCustomer interest for the eCommerce site creator can be increased by adding a feature to optimize the eCommerce website for search engines. Such a feature is bound to build customer interest as it will help improve the eCommerce website rankings. A plugin like WordPress SEO can be used to include this functionality.



3. Newsletter Subscription

ecommerce-site-creator-contactWhile a contact form is a strong channel for the customer to connect with the eCommerce site owner, newsletters are an option to build a relationship in the reverse order. Using the newsletter option, eCommerce store owners can connect with their customers with the latest updates in their eCommerce store. Discounts, new products, sales and all such details can be communicated to the customer in a newsletter.


4. Product Filter Options

ecommerce-site-creator-filterOne more feature that would greatly accentuate a customer’s curiosity would be a product filter on the shop page. While, the benefit of a product filter would mainly be seen from the shoppers point of view it would definitely be of substantial help to the eCommerce owner too due to it’s easy to use aspect. And who doesn’t like easy right?





Workflow of an eCommerce Site Creator

So up until now, we discussed about the advantages of an eCommerce site creator from the perspective of a customer as well as a website owner. Also, I gave you an insight on the features you should look out for while developing a multisite. Now, that we have the above covered let’s go through a proposed workflow of an eCommerce site creator.

1. Customer Chooses a Plan

  • A customer who wishes to create an eCommerce site can choose from various subscription plans. These plans will be based on the features provided in each plan.
  • For example the must have features mentioned above can be included in a basic plan, while the good to have features like search engine optimization and google analytic for pages can be included in a premium plan.

2. Customer Registers on Multisite

  • Once the customer has chosen a preferred subscription plan he can then go ahead, register and create an eCommerce site. Once the eCommerce site has been created, it is now made live and is available to the site admin for shop set up process.
  • The customer will be categorized as an administrator of eCommerce site and will have full control over the website.

3. Create Users for eCommerce Website

  • The customer, who has now been made the eCommerce website admin will be be able to create users such as shop manager and products manager. All the users associated with the eCommerce store will have varying levels of access to the website.

4. Set Up eCommerce Shop

  • And lastly, but most importantly the eCommerce shop can be set up by any user with access to products in the dashboard. Tasks such as adding products, publishing products, activating the payment gateway would be included in the eCommerce shop setup process.

So, in totality while an eCommerce site creator is a substantial business option for the multisite owner it is a boon for all those out there who wish to own an eCommerce store without the hassle of website development. If properly implemented it makes for an extremely robust solution and is an eCommerce power house.

That’s all from my end on eCommerce site creator. If you think you can add value to the post feel free to do so in the comments section. Until then Adios!



Pooja Mistry

Pooja Mistry

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  1. From my understanding, the WP Aggregator System can also be used to create an eCommerce Site Creator Platform couldn’t it?

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