How Patrick Poptasi Revamped his Pastry Shop with Custom Product Boxes

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Nestled along a chic street of Amsterdam is the Poptasi Creative Pastry Agency, the creator of dangerously delicious macarons. The owner and chef, Patrick Poptasi, is a self-made Patiesserie expert, who first introduced his craft to the world in 2011.

Fast forward to 2015, when he had a great, running brick-and-mortar store and a fully functional website. However, there was one major thing missing from his webshop, which plenty of clients clamored for, i.e. the ability to sell pastry products in bundles.

Enter Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce.

Poptasi first chanced across CPB through the all-knowing Google. The plugin’s application and competitive pricing immediately captured his interest and hence he decided to give it a spin.

The unique functionality of the plugin to create custom product bundles, individual to every customer, helped Patrick revamp the entire dynamic of his website. People could now choose the macarons they wanted to add to their product boxes of 12 or 25, and checkout their favorites quickly and easily!

The best part about the plugin was that customers could literally see the box being filled up, which added the quintessential personal touch to the otherwise banal e-shopping experience. This soon became an integral part of the website, with customers finding the entire experience straightforward and refreshingly exclusive.

The road was not always smooth though. Poptasi’s WordPress theme was found to be majorly incompatible with the Custom Product Boxes plugin. Redesigning the whole shop at this stage with a different plugin-compatible theme was hardly a feasible option.

The resulting bugs portended quite a bleak future for functionality integration, when the WisdmLabs team rose to the occasion and cleared all the incompatibilities to make a fully integrated and functioning plugin. Every customization and detail was tweaked to ensure that there were no issues in the operation of the website!

Today Patrick has a huge fan following in Amsterdam. The Creative Pastry Agency has been featured in several articles and has become one of the top forty shops in the Netherlands, recommended for foodies!

In Patrick’s own words, Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce has been an extremely powerful asset for the Creative Pastry Agency’s web-portal. In fact, it is probably the only plugin in the world that fulfills his requirement, letting visitors create custom boxes, perfectly!


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Pranoti Panchwagh

Pranoti Panchwagh

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