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    Swapnil Mahadik
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LearnDash is known to be the most popular WordPress LMS plugin for a couple of reasons. But, one of the prominent reasons is that it’s continuously evolving to provide the best e-learning experience for all users!

After releasing a beta version, the team at LearnDash finally launched LearnDash 4.0 with exciting new features to streamline the onboarding, course creation, and purchase process.

Here’s What’s New!

The Welcome Wizard 

LearnDash welcome wizard

The one feature that was missing in the earlier updates is finally here. LearnDash 4.0 now comes with an onboarding Welcome Wizard to get you up to speed in no time. 

It quickly asks you all the important setup questions including what type of courses you want to create, whether you want to charge for them or not, etc, for a more personalized experience.

LearnDash onboarding wizard options

LearnDash 4.0 will also offer to create the course registration and registration success pages depending on what type of courses you choose to create, and additional settings for group courses. 

This will save a huge chunk of time for course creators!

In addition to this, the wizard will also install 3 essential LearnDash official addons like Course Grid, Certificate Builder, and WooCommerce for your course website. However, if you feel like you don’t need to install them right away, you opt out of them as well.

LearnDash onboarding wizard summary

Depending on the settings you choose for your courses, registration pages, group listings, and enabling official add-ons, the onboarding wizard will take all the actions to complete your setup and configure the basics!

New Challenge Exam feature

Designing learning paths is important to help users navigate through the course material more efficiently. The new Challenge Exam feature in the updated version of LearnDash lets you create a challenge exam to check the user’s knowledge and help fast-track course completion.

If they pass the challenge exam then they automatically complete the assigned course and can move on to a more advanced course.

Creating Challenge Exams

Just navigate to Challenge Exams from your LearnDash LMS Dashboard and click on Add New.
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You can then associate your exam to the respective course to check the knowledge of your user!

New LearnDash LMS blocks

With this new release, you get access to more Gutenberg blocks to customize your course list, lesson list, quiz list, course progress bar, and much much more!

LearnDash LMS blocks
Image Courtesy:

Just simply click the + icon and click on the block you want to add. You can change the settings for each block from the side panel as well!

Stripe Connect Integration

In the earlier version of LearnDash, you needed to install the Stripe add-on and then configure it to start selling courses. The Stripe Connect integration is now built into LearnDash 4.0 for a much faster course purchase set up. 

So, if you want a quick and easy setup to sell a handful of courses without much customization, then you can go with Stripe!

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Just enable the Stripe Connect integration, click on manage, and create an account using the Connect Stripe option on the top.

Take LearnDash 4.0 for a spin!

LearnDash just got bigger and better, So if you’re using an old version of the platform, make sure you update to the new one! 

To get hands-on with the new features you can join the upcoming live webinar series on their official website and use LearnDash 4.0 to make the most out of it!

Get expert LearnDash help from our team to ensure a smooth transition to LearnDash 4.0 and unlock its full potential. We’ll help you:

  • Navigate the new features and functionalities.
  • Optimize your existing courses for the update.
  • Create a seamless learning experience for your students.

Let us know how you find the new update in the comments below!

Resources for Further Learning


  1. How do I find the course ID in LearnDash 4.0?
    You can find the course ID in LearnDash by navigating to the course settings or by checking the URL when you are editing the course.
  2. Can I reuse lessons and topics across multiple courses in LearnDash 4.0?
    Yes, LearnDash allows you to reuse lessons and topics across multiple courses, making it easier to create and manage your course content.
  3. Does LearnDash 4.0 support Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)?
    Yes, LearnDash supports Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), enabling seamless integration with other learning management systems and tools.
  4. What are the various question types that can be used with LearnDash quizzes in version 4.0?
    LearnDash quizzes support various question types such as multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, and more, providing flexibility in creating assessments.
Swapnil Mahadik

Swapnil Mahadik

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