5 Must-Have LearnDash Add-Ons for the New Age Tutor

    Rajiv Sathian
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LearnDash is a heady mixture of features for the quintessential new age tutor; things like drag and drop page builders, points and certificates for achievements, multiple question types for quizzes, and options for micro-managing the courses make life very easy for the course manager. And if that wasn’t enough, there are the extensions for LearnDash!

Ranging from payment gateways to gamification options to event planners, the dozens of third-party add-ons equip the creator with all the tools necessary to build a fantastic course.

Here are five such add-ons that add dynamic functionalities to LearnDash, addressing some of the major requirements of every course creator.

The Instructor Role Add-On

You are looking to set up an e-learning website with LearnDash but plan to offload the course creation part to external course authors; however, it is neither feasible nor safe to let multiple users have back-end access to your website. Fortunately, for LearnDash, you don’t need to.

The Instructor Role add-on lets you create an ‘Instructor’ user role on the website which lets external authors create, edit, and conduct their own courses independently. They can access all course-related reports at the back end, such as attendance reports, quiz papers and more, but nothing else.


The add-on lets you add as many authors as you want and charge a percentage commission from each, without having to worry about potential hackers damaging your core website!

Version 3.5.0 onward, WISDM Instructor Role includes a professional and customizable Instructor Profile page that can be used to share all the necessary information about instructors on your site. Instructors can use this space to add details such as their photo, bio, expertise, qualification, courses created, ratings, and so on.

Profile pages give instructors credibility and help them showcase their personality. The profile page can also be used to share contact information.

Group Registration for LearnDash

Group Registration for LearnDash lets students purchase bulk licenses and enroll as a group for a course. The main purchaser then becomes the Group Leader and is the source of contact for the rest of the members in the group. From a logistical point of view, this is very convenient for tutors, as it essentially reduces the number of students you need to keep track of!


As for the Group Leader, he can track the performance of every group member at the front-end, without necessitating back-end access!

Quiz Reporting for LearnDash

The name says it all; the Quiz Reporting add-on for LearnDash lets the tutor export quiz responses as a CSV or Excel file. Reports can be extracted for every student’s every quiz as well as a comparative analysis of every quiz.


This helps the tutor gauge the performance of the student through all quizzes as well as in comparison with his peers!

Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback

Student feedback is an excellent way of making sure that your course is up to the mark and ratings and reviews are useful in displaying the confidence of your students in the course.


The best part of the Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback extension is that it restricts students from adding feedback until they have completed a specific chapter or the course. This ensures that only genuine reviews are displayed for your course.

Advanced Course Manager for LearnDash

Creating a course in LearnDash is tedious, if easy. Adding all Lessons/Topics/Quizzes independently and then assigning them to Course takes a lot of traveling back and forth to organize the courses and ends up consuming a lot of time. The Advanced Course Manager adds a Visual Course Builder that lets you see the course hierarchy being redefined in real time.

advanced-course-managerIn addition, it also offers advanced options for Student-Teacher interaction, managing enrollments, and a recommendation feature along with the course summary.

Each of these five add-ons adds a unique functionality to the core LearnDash plugin, thereby enhancing the tutor’s e-learning experience.

But here’s a sweet deal to get you even more interested, all these amazing add-ons are available at a discounted price if you purchase the LearnDash Starter Pack! So hurry up, this deal might end soon! 🙂

Rajiv Sathian

Rajiv Sathian

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