How to Set up a Quotation system to Collect invaluable Enquiries (even during the pandemic)

    Love Shah
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I’m sure the year 2020, so far, hasn’t exactly panned out the way any of us wanted!

With the outbreak of the global pandemic, a lot of businesses including your WooCommerce Store might have felt the pinch of the global economic slowdown.

However, as we begin to adapt to this new style of living, businesses too have begun resuming their operations slowly as this new era unfolds.

When it comes to eCommerce, there might be some inefficiencies in the quick delivery of products. But, should that stop you from running your WooCommerce store?! No.

People visiting your online store, especially now, will have a lot of questions and concerns regarding your products.

To address their issues, you need to have certain Enquiry systems in place for seamless enquiry collection whilst providing a great shopping experience.

In this article, I’m going to throw some light on how setting up an Enquiry system to collect presale and purchase information can help you run your WooCommerce store smoothly.

The need for an Enquiry system



Usually, when a customer enters a shop, he/she will spend time looking for a product that they need and once they’ve found it, they will bombard you with all possible questions before making the purchase. 

Sure it is irritating at times. But, trust me, this is a basic human tendency to ensure that the value we receive from the product is worth every dime.

Similarly, when people land on your WooCommerce store, imagine the number of questions that must be exploding in their heads regarding your products especially considering the limitations of senses like touch or feel.

Having said that, here’s a look at a range of questions/concerns your clients may have regarding your products:

  • Bulk purchase of products.
  • Purchasing products at a later stage.
  • Want more information than what is already present on the Product Page/Shop Page.
  • Wish to make a quotation on the number of products they require in bulk.\

Now, obviously, there’ll be many other questions your clients may want to ask and the pressing issue for you is to facilitate a way for them to ask these questions/concerns effortlessly.

For this purpose, you will need a very well defined Enquiry system on your WooCommerce store along with a Quotations system that not only helps you collect valuable Enquiries but also revolutionizes the shopping experience for a potential buyer. 

To help you fulfill this goal, the WISDM Product Enquiry Pro (PEP) plugin tackles this scenario on WooCommerce.


Converting genuine leads into final customers with Product Enquiry Pro (PEP)

The WISDM Product Enquiry Pro makes it possible for you to get a good shot at capturing genuine leads and please your potential buyers by enabling them to ask questions or raise concerns eventually leading to conversions.

Let’s take a closer look at how PEP will help you solve the above questions/concerns by considering different scenarios:

1. When a client needs to purchase your products in bulk and wishes to contact you/enquire for the same.

To put this scenario in perspective, let’s say you’re selling Sanitizers and now the buyer needs to buy these sanitizers in bulk and they have a quotation in mind for the same. 

In order to communicate this quotation efficiently, here’s how PEP enables the buyer to reach out to you immediately:

  • Request a Quote Button – The plugin will add an Enquiry button on your shop page or the products page making it easier for your customer to quickly ask a question or Request a Quote regarding the Sanitizer.
  • Single Product & Multi Product Enquiry – It can happen that your customer might get intrigued by several other products on your store and may wish to inquire for those as well. In order to facilitate several product enquiries, PEP makes it convenient for your customer to send Enquiries and Quotation requests for multiple products at once.
  • Collect Inquiries for Variable products – The plugin provides you with an option to set default variations for variable products. This default variation will show up on your products page by default with an Enquiry button for each variation making it easier for you to collect inquiries. For e.g: You can display different sanitizer flavors with an enquiry button for each flavor.

2. When a client needs to purchase your products at a later stage because he/she is waiting for funds to kick in.

To understand this more clearly, let’s say if a client needs to purchase a particular quantity of sanitizers in bulk after a month or two. For such scenarios, you need to provide a facility on your website that will allow the client to reach out and communicate with you to decide the terms and conditions of the purchase and transactions.

With PEP, you can handle such situations through:

  • Custom Forms – You can create Enquiry forms on your store and even add your own custom fields to collect information and receive all the client’s queries. It makes it simpler for your clients to communicate their terms or situations like this scenario.
  • Email systems – Once the client fills the Enquiry form, you will receive it as an email thereby, creating an opportunity channel to further discussions, communications, and negotiations over the email system.

On that note, there will be many such scenarios in which a client would have different questions/concerns regarding your products and would wish to get in touch with you.

Having Product Enquiry Pro on your WooCommerce store makes it all the easier and convenient for you to facilitate this opportunity to your clients, engage with them, capture, and convert these genuine leads into final customers.

Speaking of opportunities, apart from valuable information collection, there’s something more special about this plugin that will further add more value to your WooCommerce store.

Read on to find out more about these special features.

Enhancing your customers’ shopping experience!

For any eCommerce store, showing optimum information on the Product Pages to ensure customers immediately find the product they’re looking for is a sign of a good store.

With this thought in mind, the WISDM Product Enquiry Pro plugin has designed certain functionalities to enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

As a store owner, you can take advantage and have complete control over these functionalities:

  • Hide/Show Enquiry, Request a Quote and Add to Cart button – You can choose to hide the ‘Add to cart/pricing’ button when the product goes out of stock but still allow people to place enquiries or request a quote for the same. Conversely, you can also choose to show only the ‘Request a Quote’ button for certain products that you plan to sell in bulk.
    Define your Visitors Shopping Experience 1
  • Adding Inquiry button to the Page Builders – We recently rolled out update v6.4.0 for Product Enquiry Pro which makes this plugin compatible with any page builder thereby, allowing you to use your favorite page builder to create pages. Moreover, you also get the option to add an Inquiry button to the pages you create through these page builders.


  • Mini-Cart Widget for Product pages – With this latest update, you also get an option to display a Mini-Cart Widget for Product pages that allows users to view their Enquiry cart at all times so that they are constantly aware of what their cart looks like.This also enhances the look and feel of your product pages and adds to your users’ shopping experience.


These elements will definitely improve and add value to your customers’ shopping experience on your WooCommerce store. 

However, if your dream is to take your WooCommerce store global and cater to an international audience, the need to communicate your store values and facilitate engagement should be of utmost importance.

To ensure a smooth channel of communication, you need to reach out to your global audience by rewiring your basics – Language.


Overcoming the Language Barrier


transaltion ready product enquiry pro

I’m always of the opinion that doing business overseas is a sign of expansion, growth, and building new clientele. 

In order to serve the International customers, language should never be a barrier when it comes to selling your products with a well-setup Enquiry system.

To help your WooCommerce store overcome this language barrier, the latest version of PEP is made fully compatible with both Translation Plugins (Loco Translate) as well as Multilingual Plugins (WPML)

This means PEP works seamlessly with translation plugins and enables your customers to send Enquiries and Quotations in their native languages

With this latest update, there’s nothing in this world that can stop you anymore from having your own Enquiry system that’ll take you places and keep your eCommerce Business up and going at ALL times!


Seize the opportunity!

No matter what business you’re involved in, people, especially during this period of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, will definitely have questions and concerns regarding your products.

This period isn’t easy-going for any business, however, you need to keep up with time and ensure your WooCommerce store is able to facilitate a smoother and efficient channel of communication for your clients.

With WISDM Product Enquiry Pro, you can successfully set up valuable Enquiry and Quotations systems on your WooCommerce store to engage with your customers and conduct business smoothly whilst providing a great shopping experience.

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from running your WooCommerce store!

Feel free to reach out in the comments section in case of any queries or doubts. I’ll be happy to answer them 🙂





Love Shah

Love Shah

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