How to Handle Bulk Order Negotiations in WooCommerce like a Boss!

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Picture this.

It’s a bright sunny day. You’re street shopping. And, you stumble upon a floral-printed off-white shirt. You’re immediately drawn to it and decide to buy 16 different shades of the shirt for your friends and family. 

Since you’re buying in large quantities, you start negotiating the price with the shopkeeper.

Eventually, there’s an agreement and you walk out with 16 shirts and a smile on your face 🙂

The same thing can happen in your WooStore. You’ll have customers wishing to buy in bulk. And, considering the large quantity, they’d obviously want to negotiate!

Now, the only difference here is – there’s no face-to-face contact. So, they email.

But, let’s be honest. Whether you’re a wholesaler, distributor, run a marketplace, or a general WooStore owner; going through hundreds of Inquiry emails and keeping a trail of negotiations is nearly impossible.

Fret not! In this article, you’ll learn how to overcome the impossible task. 

I’m going to tell you how you can systematically provide a way for your shoppers to negotiate. Also, ensure efficient management of these bulk order negotiations. Or else, you’ll lose out on some huge (really huge!) leads.

Getting Over The Old-school Negotiation System!

old school negotiations

Emails are a great way of communication!

However, when hundreds of Inquiry and negotiation emails combined with the other newsletters or marketing material you’ve subscribed to pile up, the chaos can get on your nerves.

  • Sorting the bulk order negotiation emails
  • Replying to each of them
  • Creating quotations manually, attaching them, and sending it
  • Plus, keeping the trail of the emails back and forth, etc. 

Phew! It’s painfully exhausting, I almost broke my computer! :p 

Moreover, handling these bulk order negotiations with different customers drains all of your energy and time. 

And, as a WooStore owner, I completely relate to your pain.

Fortunately, to your relief, there exists a much simpler plugin that you can use to allow shoppers to Inquire and send Quotations.

That’s right! Your entire bulk order negotiations process will seem as easy as taking a walk in the park!

And, the WISDM Product Enquiry Pro plugin is by far your best bet to get over the old-school negotiation system 🙂

WISDM Product Enquiry Pro – Convert Big-Ticket Customers in Style!


This extension, in a way, is your online salesperson. 

Your shoppers will have an enormous list of questions about your products – color, quantity, size, variations, price, etc. It’s just human nature.

This plugin allows you to place ‘Inquiry’ and ‘Request a Quote’ buttons on your products page or anywhere on your website thereby, giving your customers the opportunity to:

  • Ask questions about your products straight up.
  • Request Quotation(s) for a particular product or multiple products. Especially the ones who want to buy in large quantities. 

You can instantly connect with genuine leads and quicken the conversion process!

However, to be fair – there are other similar plugins out there that provide the same functions. But, none match the capabilities of the WISDM Product Enquiry Pro which is designed to be made extremely intuitive to handle negotiations for Large Quantity Orders.

Handling Negotiations with Product Enquiry Pro

The plugin offers a number of incredible features that lead to the effective and efficient management of Negotiations for Large Quantity Orders.

Let’s take a look at some of the major ones that will help in handling negotiations:

  • Create a PDF for Bulk Quote requests – Your customers will be able to send bulk Quote requests for multiple products via a single email.The beauty is – as a store owner, you’ll be able to quickly generate Quotations for multiple products in a single PDF right from your backend. Moreover, to make it look legit and professional, you can also add your brand logo to the Quotation.
  • Maintain a single email thread – Negotiation takes more than one email. There’ll be several back and forths on the Quotations until you reach a mutual agreement.

    With this plugin, you’ll be able to maintain a single thread of communication. This is useful especially for large orders where you don’t want to miss a trail of a single email or quotations.
  • Find quotes or Inquiries in an instant – You can easily search for specific quotations through Customer Name, Email address, Product ID, and Product name.

    Through its intuitive dashboard, you can quickly access any particular Quote or customer Inquiry to continue or complete the negotiations thereby, saving you loads of time and effort.
  • Option to delegate quotation responsibilities – The extension lets you add multiple email recipients to delegate Quotation responsibilities. You can assign responsibilities to different team members or departments to answer several incoming Inquiries and Quote Requests thereby, speeding up conversions.
  • Drag & Drop option to create Inquiry forms – You can add custom fields to the Inquiry form by simply using the drag & drop feature.

    It gives you the option to create inquiry forms and add your own custom fields to gather data as per your needs. This gives you the opportunity to include certain important questions in the Inquiry form (e.g: quantity of products) so that you get an idea about the scale of the negotiation and accordingly prepare for your offer.
  • Limit Quote requests on out of stock products only –  With this feature, you can limit Inquiries & Quotations on ‘Out of Stock’ products only. Enabling this option is often used as a strategy to understand the exact quantity that needs to be ordered. Plus, this option helps you to take orders and begin the negotiation process in advance.

With that being said, having these features in your artillery will definitely help you create a smooth path for your customers to send in Inquiries and Quotations. 

Furthermore, it’ll also enable you to manage negotiations like a Pro leading to quicker conversions of big-ticket customers 🙂

And, speaking of managing negotiations, let me quickly list down a few use cases where negotiations play a pivotal role.

Negotiations in today’s times….

  1. For Large Quantity Orders – Lots of businesses like the Aircraft parts manufacturer, Tiles industry, etc. where only one major product is sold in huge quantities use efficient negotiation systems to sell different aircraft parts or different types of tiles in bulk to big customers.If you’re a wholesaler or distributor selling only one major product in your WooStore – handling negotiations effectively is a must in order to avoid losing out on big leads and quicken conversions.
  1. For Large Orders – Even if you’re running a normal WooStore selling multiple products, handling price requests and inquiries on calls becomes nearly impossible because of the sheer amount of traffic coming in. An Inquiry and Quotations plugin will be extremely helpful in identifying the big customers and accordingly initiating the negotiation process.
  1. For a Marketplace – Negotiation is equally necessary if you have a multivendor marketplace with several vendors onboard selling multiple products on your WooStore. You’d need to negotiate with different vendors about commissions, pricing, etc. depending on the products they’re selling. A good Quotation system in place will help you keep track of all on-going and executed negotiations leading to an organized process.

Well, this is not the end-game! 

Today, handling bulk order negotiations has emerged to become a practice for almost every other business.

Parting Thoughts,

Inquiry & Quotations systems have become an integral part of business strategy.

As long as you have the scope of selling products in bulk, the nature of the business you’re running on your WooStore doesn’t matter. What matters is – capturing and converting big-ticket customers.

And, with an extremely easy-to-use addon like the WISDM Product Enquiry Pro which is equipped to handle Bulk order negotiations, you’ll be able to fulfill this purpose with great efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s about time you stop losing out on huge leads and profits due to mishandling of Bulk Order Negotiations!

In case of any doubts, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or drop a comment below 🙂

Love Shah

Love Shah

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