How multiple instructors can help you drive more business on your LearnDash LMS

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So you’ve started your business selling online courses. Students are enrolling, sales are coming in, and it’s going fine so far. But. Do you ever stop and wonder, what’s next?

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After launching a successful course business, it’s inevitable that you’d feel the need to take it to the next level.

Let me guess, the most obvious idea that comes to your mind to increase course sign-ups is – marketing. So, you start deep diving into Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, and Social Media, among other things.

All awesome ideas! And honestly, for most businesses, it works. But that doesn’t guarantee that it will work for you too. 

No matter how you market your online courses, students won’t sign up if they don’t find value in them. So how about creating more value for your students and offering something more to hook them in? 

Think about it. You can do so much.

You can go beyond the traditional methods of teaching, offer new scaffolded coursework, create new courses, or create advanced courses of already existing courses.

I know what you’re thinking – How will I do this all on my own?

Well, you don’t have to. You can get external instructors or course authors to help you. And that’s exactly what we’ll cover today. In this article, I’ll cover the top ways in which multiple instructors can help you to grow your LearnDash business.

So without wasting any more time, let’s dig in.

5 steps to grow business with multiple instructors in LearnDash

1. Offer more courses

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Students are always on the lookout for fresh or advanced courses to upskill. So, increasing your bottom line is a future-proof way to scale your LearnDash Business. Adding new courses will keep your current learners interested and can also increase new course-sign ups!

For example – Let’s say you’re offering a course on content marketing, you can offer courses on SEO,  copywriting, email marketing, etc. or can offer different levels of the same course like intermediate, advanced, etc. You get the picture right?

Now, I know what you’re thinking – But what if I don’t have expertise in these areas?

Here’s the thing – you don’t need expertise.  You can let experts or external instructors create courses on your LearnDash LMS. Once created instructors can sell those courses and you can earn a commission with the sales. 

2. Create a course marketplace

Did you know the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion in 2025? (Forbes). In fact, Udemy has 40 million students and over 50,000 tutors. 

Given the promising future of eLearning, building a course marketplace is a valid investment. Therefore, creating a course marketplace will not help you increase your bottom line but also reach a wider audience.

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3. Offer complimentary course material

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Another way to grow your LearnDash business is by upselling to your current learner base. You can create products that are relevant to your course material.

For example, maybe you can create some advanced resources as an up-sell to your course that teaches some special techniques. If your course is on ‘Email Marketing’, maybe you up-sell a more gated resource like “X killer email templates that guarantee conversions”. 

This way you’re not only adding value to your course but also giving your students that can get them started right off the bat. 

4. Allow multiple instructors to collaborate

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Collaborating with a professional can bring fresh insight and amplify the value of your program.

Consider a scenario where your students are facing some issues at a specific module of a course. You can seek help from other course authors by sharing courses between them so that they can share their knowledge and help students in case your techniques are not working for them.

Depending on the request of your learners, subject matter experts can also create a new training course or additional course material in areas that are out of your expertise.

This way you are adding more value to your courses, increasing your offering, and also ensuring that your students don’t drop off when faced with a challenge.

Pro tip: When you bring in experts, familiarize them with your business, your learners, and your goals. Courses designed for professionals are different from courses designed for private learners. So make sure to include information about your own company, including your values, brand identity, and your business objectives.

5. Offload admin task


Honestly, in my opinion, this is the most important yet overlooked part of any learning platform. The smallest tasks when piled up can become overwhelming, to say the least.

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When you’re working with a small group of students, responding to their queries, and sending introductory emails to new students, maintaining social groups may not seem like a hassle. 

But once your business takes off these tiny tasks can add up and can eat up your time. You may find yourself so caught up and with no time left for high-value work you should be focussing on taking your business to the next level.

This is where offloading can help you.

You don’t have to spend time sending admin emails, following up with learners about their assignments, and taking course queries. You could simply automate a few tasks and let external instructors respond to student queries so that you can focus on more high-impact work.

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Now that we’ve understood the advantages of having multiple instructors on your LearnDash LMS, let’s address the bigger question.

Does your LearnDash LMS let you add multiple instructors?

Given that LearnDash is built in such a way that people must have access to the backend to create their courses, it will be overwhelming for some who are not familiar with the WordPress backend. For those who are familiar with WordPress, giving them backend access might compromise the website’s security.


But using our Instructor role add-on you can easily add multiple instructors in LearnDash and give them access to a secure and dedicated dashboard to create and manage courses.

  • The Instructor dashboard is designed to make course creation and student management as easy as possible for instructors – whether they’re interested in creating and selling their own courses independently, or if they’re on a marketplace looking for the tools to help them create and manage their courses.
  • Fully enable the communication between students and instructors, eliminating the need to switch between inboxes for easy resolution of any question.
  • For instructors on your course marketplace, keep them happy with accurate and timely payouts.

Want to see it in action? Check out the demo.

Everybody needs help while growing their business. And external instructors can make your job a lot easier. You can distribute content management responsibilities and focus on what’s more important.

That’s where simple plugins like Instructor Role for LearnDash can make all the difference. So take our Instructor Role for the LearnDash plugin for a test drive and start adding instructors to help you take your LearnDash LMS to the next level.

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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