How to easily export quiz results in LearnDash?

    Nitansha Tanwar
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How to easily export quiz results in LearnDash? 1


Trying to export the quiz results in LearnDash to see how your learners have performed? 

Don’t worry, we have you covered.?

In LearnDash, as your learners go through your courses and complete lessons, topics, and quizzes, their activity as well as performance gets recorded.

You can either view their course and quiz performance on their profile or can easily export this information.

You can export this information using standard LearnDash reports as well as additional reports in several third-party reporting tools.

And to help you, I’ll explain how you can easily export quiz data using various options.

But before that let’s learn a bit more about why it’s so important for you to export quiz data in LearnDash.

Let’s dive in…

Why you need to export user data in LearnDash

It goes without saying that data is valuable, and digging into the details can help you uncover actionable insights. So any LMS should help instructors and admins with data and insights for various reporting purposes such as:-

  • Keeping a record of the progress and performance of your learners,
  • Sharing user progress & performance with your clients,
  • Sharing progress with the group or students individually,
  • Analyzing and evaluating the course and quiz performance further, among other things.

Who can export data in LearnDash?

Currently, LearnDash allows Admins and Group Leaders to export two built-in reports in CSV format.

Exporting Quiz Results in LearnDash

1. Using LearnDash Course and Quiz reports 

In LearnDash, you get two basic reports under the “Reports” tab — Course and Quiz Data Report.

 To Export Quiz Results in LearnDash. Follow these steps:-

  1. Navigate to the “WordPress Admin Area
  2. Go to  “LearnDash LMS
  3. From the side menu, click on “Reports
  4. Select “Export User Quiz Data”
screenshot 2023.02.02 13 39 51
How to easily export quiz results in LearnDash? 2

Exporting User Quiz Data in LearnDash

Using these reports, you can export the following data:

Course Data:  When you export the course data report, you can view the course progress of all your users with the help of the following details:-

  • The course name,
  • The total steps in the course,
  • The step they’re currently on,
  • Information on whether they’ve completed the course,
  • The start date of the course,
  • Total time spent in the course, among other things.

Quiz Data:  Using quiz data report, you can assess the quiz performance of your students by looking at the following data:-

  • Quiz scores of all users,
  • The date of the attempt,
  • The points earned,
  • The pass percentage,
  • Time spent in courses,
  • If the quiz has been passed or not, among other things.

In addition to this, you can also export quiz statistics for each quiz in LearnDash right within the admin area. These statistics will help you get insights into quiz performance like quiz score, rank, and the total score of the student, among other things.

All you need to do is head to the quiz you want to see the statistics for and click on statistics from the actions dropdown.


Pro Tip: With the course and quiz data at hand, you can gain a lot of perspective into how your learners progress through your courses, which quizzes are tough/easy, and how many learners have passed or failed the quiz, among other things.

But is exporting these quiz results enough??

In addition to the Course and Quiz Data in LearnDash, there’s a wealth of user data that currently LearnDash doesn’t report on. And if you’re not using it, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

So, if you want to export more quiz results, then you can achieve that by using a third-party reporting tool.

2. Using a Reporting Plugin in LearnDash

Here’s a list of Reporting Add-ons in LearnDash that can help you easily export more quiz data:

Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash

The quiz reporting Extension for LearnDash by WisdmLabs comes with a lot of features that help you export a lot of rich quiz insights. Along with insightful quiz reports like quiz completion time, and quiz completion rate, you can also export more detailed quiz reports like – 

  • Quiz Attempts Summary with correct/incorrect questions
  • Quiz Attempt Analysis Report
  • Customizable Quiz Attempt Reports
  • A Learner’s All Quiz Attempts Summary

All attempts quiz report in the quiz reporting extension for LearnDash

These reports give you additional quiz data like — The breakdown of each answer, the number of students who attempted the quiz, the average score as well as the individual score of students, the time taken by each student to complete the quiz, and the percentage of students who answered each question accurately, among other things.

LearnDash Gradebook

Gradebook for LearnDash is a useful grading and reporting tool. It provides grade books on the front end for teachers and group leaders. Using Gradebook, teachers and group leaders can search through users for insights on average grades, view grades of individual users, and also export the grade book with components as well individual quiz grades in CSV format.


Test GradeBook in LearnDash Gradebook

Tincanny Reporting For LearnDash

TinCanny Reporting for LearnDash is a reporting tool developed by Uncanny Owl. It offers a wide range of frontend as well as backend reports for LearnDash admins and Group Leaders such as —

  • The Front End Quiz Reports 
  • LD Quiz Question Analysis Report
  • The User Quiz Report

Using the Front End Quiz Reports combine include LearnDash Quiz Scores and SCORM/xAPI scores for Group Leaders, Admins, or Students that can be exported in CSV or PDF format.

How to easily export quiz results in LearnDash? 3

Front End Quiz Report In Tin Canny Reporting for LearnDash

Similarly, using the LD Quiz question analysis report you can view and export a breakdown of answer selections in a CSV format. This will help you assess the quiz quality and see where your students need help.

LearnDash-Question-Analysis-Report-in TinCanny-plugin

LD Quiz question analysis report in TinCanny Reporting

Finally, the User Quiz Report outputs LearnDash includes quiz scores and SCORM/xAPI scores in all courses for the user viewing the report. Students, group leaders, and admins can use this report to get a consolidated list with quiz answers in a consolidated view. The results can be exported in a CSV or PDF format.


User Quiz Report in TinCanny Reporting for LearnDash

LearnDash Quiz Reports PRO

The LearnDash Quiz Reports PRO plugin helps you generate custom CSV tables that reflect your student’s performance on any quiz. You can create your own database of quiz outcomes for your courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes, and understand scores on an individual level.


Custom downloadable reports in LearnDash Quiz Reports Pro

ProPanel for LearnDash

ProPanel is a reporting plugin made by the LearnDash team. It provides you with 5 reporting widgets namely —

  • ProPanel Activity
  • ProPanel Reporting,
  • ProPanel Overview,
  • ProPanel Filtering,
  • ProPanel Progress Chart.

The widgets are visible to the group leaders and admins by default. Whenever a learner marks a lesson complete, takes a quiz, or finishes a course, everything gets recorded in the activity widget. And using this widget, you can export the quiz results in a CSV


Activity Widget in ProPanel for LearnDash

This report will include data such as quiz title, quiz score, percentage, and total score, among other things

Summing Up…

Exporting LearnDash quiz results is easy. By default LearnDash allows you to export quiz results via the standard user quiz data report.

But that report alone cannot give you the real picture of how much progress your learners have made. You can export additional quiz reports and data using third-party reporting add-ons such as —

  1. Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash
  1. LearnDash Gradebook
  1. TInCanny Reporting For LearnDash
  1. LearnDash Quiz Reports PRO
  1. ProPanel

Again, the more data you have, the easier it will be for you to accurately evaluate the quiz performance of your learners, identify at-risk learners, and drive stronger performance in the future.

I hope this article helped figure out more than one way of downloading valuable quiz reports in LearnDash.

For more information, you can check out these articles, too.

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So, that’s it for today. If you think there’s a plugin I should include in this list. Please feel free to comment below.

Happy teaching!!


Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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