Instructor Role 3.2.0 – The Functionality You’ve Been Waiting For – Co-Instructors!

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Ever heard the saying, “Two minds are better than one”? That’s what collaboration is all about. Getting the help you need, to come up with the best possible outcome.

And this Instructor Role update gives you the perfect platform to bring about collaborative teaching or co-mentoring.

We’re talking about “Co-Instructors” – the option to add multiple instructors to a single course!

Multiple Instructors for One LearnDash Course

After the Instructor dashboard update, a feature that was high up our priority list was to provide admins or instructors the option to assign more than one instructor to a course

Shared teaching or secondary instructors bring with them a variety of teaching styles. They can help with course updation, and most importantly, they pack with them their own expertise – making for a better learning experience.

There are several other advantages of co-instructors too. If your instructors are present in different timezones you can offer students more flexible support experience.

WISDM Instructor Role v3.2.0

The latest update for WISDM Instructor Role plugin has the option to add multiple instructors to a LearnDash course.

As the admin or the Primary Instructor (the one who creates the course), you can select and add secondary instructors to a course using the option provided.

This lets you, along with other instructors manage a course effortlessly.

Secondary instructors have the same rights as the primary instructor when it comes to course editing. That is, they can update lessons, topics, quizzes, in the same manner, a teacher would.

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In this version, however, co-instructors cannot evaluate student quizzes or assignments. But this feature will be available in the coming updates.

However, secondary instructors can’t add or remove other instructors to or from the course.

Let Instructors Collaborate with Ease

Co-instructors are a great way to set up your LearnDash website like Udemy, to let instructors share due credit with other course contributors.

It’s your key to enhanced mentoring provided simply with this cool new update.

Time now, to drop what you’re doing, head on to your LearnDash website, and upgrade to Wisdm Instructor Role v3.2.0.


Sharon Koshy

Sharon Koshy

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