Retake Wrong Answers

Save Time and Enhance User Experience By Limiting Retakes to Wrong Answers

Quiz Customization Feature

LearnDash features a default functionality to retake a Quiz, in case the required passing grade is not obtained. The number of Quiz retakes can be limited to a certain value as well.

However, there is no direct option to allow Students to only retake the answers that they’ve answered incorrectly. The Student has to go through the entire list of questions, answering them all over. Not only is this a chore, it also takes up a lot of the Students’ time.

The ‘Retake Only Wrong Answers’ functionality displays only those questions to Students, which they have solved incorrectly. This saves a lot of time in demanding quizzes and Students need not browse through other questions.

Quiz Administrators can additionally set a delay timer for the Students, before they can retake the Quiz. They can also optionally award the highest Quiz score from multiple attempts to the final Grade.

WisdmLabs provides extensive LearnDash services, integrating all these features and more into your LearnDash website.

Allow Students to save time and have an enhanced user experience with the ‘Retake Incorrect Answers’ option!

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