When Is the Right Time to Invest in Custom Development

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We understand that it could be overwhelming to set up a website from scratch. Yet, the question to be asked and investigated is whether it is worth it or not. Before this modern era, it involved many more steps to develop a new website from scratch. Now we have WordPress, a content management system, and not just that, but also the LearnDash system, a learning management system. With the LearnDash system, you can have your site designed and customized to suit your business goals.

Benefits of custom development

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There are a lot of advantages that come as a result of customizing your LearnDash system. By customizing your LearnDash system, you will be going above and beyond to make your system stand out among the others and also offer a better user experience for all your students. Let’s take a look at some reasons why opting for custom development offers greater advantages.

Create a unique website that aligns with business goals.

Developing a unique website instead of a pre-built helps your site to stand out among the crowd. If your website looks and functions just like the others, it does not add up to the unique satisfaction and the overall experience of your site visitors. This might lead to them visiting your competitor’s site instead of yours. By developing a unique website, your site will present at a glance a captivative concept, functionalities, and styles that depict the nature and goals of your business.

Greatly improves learner experience with custom features.

Features are what make up a system, the more features your site has the better the improvement of the user experience. What captures your audience to keep using your site instead of another is how captivating and engaging it is. Developing a custom site offers you the benefit of making available features that are better than the pre-built sites.

Maintains your competitive edge.

For your business to stay excellent in the marketplace, it has to keep up with the dynamics of technology and stay updated with the latest features that give your business and website the power to serve your customers properly. This advantage does not come easy for the pre-built websites.

More targeted solutions that help your business scale more easily

Using a custom LearnDash website greatly increases the streams and avenues through which you can draw attention to your site and convert leads into profits. With custom builts, you can even request a dedicated plugin that will give your business an edge over your competitors and also simplify your lead generation process. Going for a custom-developed LearnDash system will greatly impact your business positively, and in a long run, the difference will be well spelled out for you.

Easy integration with other software.

With a custom-LearnDash website, you can integrate many other software components for helping your business achieve its aim. For instance, the BuddyPress plugin will help you integrate social plugins into your website. You can integrate a different theme to the site just by a single click of a button. You can couple your site with a PDF plugin to print out files on your site. You can do just about anything with the integration feature that comes with investing in a custom-developed LearnDash website.

Expert technical assistance.

With a customized LearnDash product such as the WisdmLabs learning management system, your business is guaranteed to have a sufficient amount of tech support at your fingers tip. You never have to worry about sudden tech issues, we have a full team of customer representatives to attend to you. Even more, we have sufficient resources written down on our blog page to help you understand and manage your business.

When is the right time to hire a LearnDash Development Company?

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Installing a custom learning management system for your site and managing the entire process of integrating custom-built components to it such as plugins, dedicated themes, an add-on could be very tedious especially for a business. It is a wise decision to get the services of a LearnDash development company to manage all these technicalities for you giving you the freedom to face your day-to-day business runnings. Below are some situations indicating that it is the right time to hire a LearnDash development company.

You have a unique business problem and need a long-term solution.

An out-of-the-box learning management system will not capture all the business needs you may want on your website, for this reason, developing a custom website by hiring the services of dedicated LearnDash development experts is crucial to the success of your business. Having a LearnDash solutions development company on hand is also important for understanding fully how the system works. They will help you troubleshoot errors on your website and track version upgrades and communicate the changes to you.

Lack of features is affecting your student’s learning experience.

Seriously, for your students to have the best experience using your platform for their learning needs, they must have a streamlined system that has all the components for effective learning. For example, they will need a dedicated theme that will render a colorful and clean view for learning both in the day and night. The eLumine theme is recommended to cater to the user experience of students taking your courses.

You want to grow your business.

To grow your e-Learning business with LearnDash, it is a wise decision to employ the services of a company handling LearnDash development and customization. The development team will have all the experiences and strategies required to give your business the best shot at succeeding.


To conclude, installing a learning management system like LearnDash on your website is the right move in improving the quality of your business, but the pre-built version alone is incapable of taking your business to the height of professionalism. To improve the efficiency of your business, you will need a dedicated LearnDash development company that will take care of your business needs and thereby reduce your workload to manage the day-to-day activities in your company.
Priyanka Gurnani

Priyanka Gurnani

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