What Unsure Customers can Tell you About your WooCommerce Store

    Tarun Rai
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unsure-customerImagine you walk into an apparel store to buy a t-shirt. You find one you like, and it’s quite within your budget. You take a good look at the t-shirt, the fabric seems nice. You’ve just upgraded the t-shirt, from like, to a must-have.

But wait.

The t-shirt isn’t available in your size. Bummer!

What do you do?

A survey I read told me, that 4 out of 10 people will leave the store without making a purchase. Because a product they are looking for, was unavailable. They will probably have better luck elsewhere. But, if you are the owner of that store, you’ve just lost a sale.

There might be several such incidents which take place in your store. More so, when the store is online. Because let’s face it, in a retail store, you’ll probably have a salesman lurking around. But online, a potential customer might escape your notice.

To pay heed to requests made by potential customers, you’ll need a per product inquiry plugin (an online salesman), in your WooCommerce store.

These potential, but unsure customers, will help shed light on changes your WooCommerce store needs. And in-turn, improve sales.


Unsure Customers can Help you Update Stock

Think about it. Say customers dropped you a line, each time a product they were looking to purchase was unavailable. Based on their requests, you’d be in a better position to infer the popularity of your products.

For example, say you received 5 inquiries in a day, asking for the same t-shirt, which was out of stock. You would know that the t-shirt was quite popular, and you would need to stock up on it.

Based on your preference, you could set up a per-product WooCommerce inquiry plugin to be active only for out-of-stock products. In this way, customers inquiries will help you identify out-of-stock products which have a higher demand.

Unsure Customers can Trigger Offers

When customer inquiries repeatedly target the price of a particular product, you should know, that customers are not willing to purchase the product for the set price.

For example, say you receive several inquiries asking for a discount on the t-shirt, but very few purchases. You’ll know you have to experiment with the price of the t-shirt. You could think of running a discount for the product, or introducing offers to test user response.


If you notice a trend where few products are not receiving the needed traction, you could configure a per-product inquiry plugin for WooCommerce to be active only for few products. This will help you key in on doubts or uncertainties customers may have. Solving these issues can surely increase sales.



Unsure Customers can help Improve Product Information

Say for example, unsure customers make several inquiries, asking specifically about the fabric of the t-shirt. What would you do? a) Update the product information. b) Add more FAQs. c) Both.

Basically, your approach would be to improve product information, which inturn can clear customer doubts, and help improve sales.

Smarter per-product WooCommerce inquiry plugins allow you to filter inquiries made. Filtering inquiries made for a particular product, can help you better target information related to the product.


Hire an Online Salesman to Attend to Potential Customers

As mentioned, per product inquiry plugins are the way forward. The inquiry plugin, Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce, is the online salesman you need. The plugin adds an inquiry button on every WooCommerce product page. An usure customer can click the button when an inquiry has to be made. An inquiry form is displayed, by the means of which the customer can mail the inquiry to the shop owner or the recipient configured.

When you add the plugin to your WooCommerce store, you can customize it as per your needs.



Strap on a Uniform

The inquiry button (the plugin adds) can be resized or colored, as per your WooCommerce theme.

Knot a Tie & Shine its Shoes

To customize the inquiry form, Product Enquiry Pro provides you the needed hooks and filters you need. You can add fields or remove existing fields, to personalize the inquiry form as per your needs.

Teach it Spanish

The Product Enquiry Pro plugin is WPML compatible and can be localized if needed.

Make it Exclusive

The plugin can be activated solely for out-of-stock products, or exclusively for certain products.

Get a Report

Apart from e-mailing inquiries, the Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce plugin saves inquiry records in the dashboard, which store owners can filter and download, when needed.


Remember, an unsure customer is a sale waiting to happen. You have an opportunity to close the sale by addressing and resolving his/her query. The inquiry plugin, Product Enquiry Pro, is your connect to the customer, and your key to improving product information, and analysing product demands.


Tarun Rai

Tarun Rai

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