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    Tahseen Kazi
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custom-videos-website-blogIt would take an individual over 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2019!!

Who do you think generates these surreal amounts of videos?

A sizable portion of this goldmine of videos is user generated since gadgets like smartphones, cameras etc are easily available. Now should we debit the user-generated videos from the whole lot we’ll still be left with countless hours of videos to last us a lifetime which makes me believe that Custom Video Creation Services is a lucrative business.

These days the market for custom videos is diverse. Marketing, eLearning, product demonstrations are just a few of the reasons people would need custom videos.

While custom video creation services can be provided the traditional way, going online could take the game a notch higher. It will help you target a larger audience from various geographies as well as different industries.

If getting to know about selling custom videos in WordPress is something you would be interested in, then continue reading as that’s exactly what I am going to elaborate on, in this post.

What is a Custom Video Website on WordPress All About?

Selling videos from a website involves selling digital products online. One way to do this would be to sell already created and ready to download videos online.

Another method would be to create custom videos for clients and provide them with a link for download.

In this arrangement, registered clients will provide you with a detailed requirement of the type of video they require using a form provided to them in the front end. Now based on this requirement a proposal will be created and sent by the admin to the customer along with a price quote for the video. On acceptance of the proposal, payment will be made by the customer following which the video will be created and be made available to the customer as a digital product.


Easy Digital Downloads – a leading eCommerce plugin in the WordPress domain – will be used as the base plugin to build the custom videos selling website. It will be customized to incorporate the selling functionality for custom videos.

How does the Custom Videos Website with EDD Work?

1. Registered Customer Makes a Request for a Custom Video

  • A registered customer will log in to the website from the front-end. On logging in the customer will be able to see an additional menu called ‘Custom Requests’ in the main navigation bar.
  • Using this menu, the customer will be able to create a new request for a custom video by completing a form. The form can be designed according to your requirements based on the information you need to collect from the client.


  • When a client submits a request it gets added to the ‘New’ list of custom requests that can be viewed by the admin from the back end.

2. Admin Sends a Proposal for the Request

  • Against every entry in the ‘New’ requests list the admin will have the option to create a proposal. On opting to create a proposal a form populated with the customer’s request details will be displayed to the admin. The admin will have to make his own entries such as proposal summary, quotation amount, proposal file, and finish date to the form. The admin will then have to submit the form once it has been completed.


  • On submitting the form, the transaction status of the request gets changed to pending and the request is added to the list of ‘Pending’ requests at the back end.

3. Customer Accepts Proposal & Makes Payment

  • A customer can view all requests made when logged in. Once an admin has given a proposal this too can be viewed by selecting the request id. If the customer is satisfied with the proposal sent then he will have to accept the proposal following which he will be redirected to make a payment for the video.


  • Following successful payment the admin will now be able to view the request in the ‘Payment Done’ list.

4. Admin Creates Video for Customer

  • The admin creates the video as per customer’s requirement on successful payment for the custom video. This video is added as a custom product to the ‘All Downloads’ section in Easy Digital Downloads. Also, a download link of the video is provided to the customer after adding it to the list of ‘Completed’ requests.

5. Customer Downloads the Requested Video

  • The customer can go to the list of completed custom requests from the front end, select the request id and download the video from there. The download link will always be available. The customer can download the product as and when required.


With that step in which the customer downloads the required video, the life cycle of a custom video request will be completed.

The need for videos online is not about to die anytime soon. In fact, just like videos the volume and demand for other custom multimedia content like images, infographics, and audio notes is on a steady rise.  This demand can be leveraged by people like you and me to build a fully flourished business.

So what are you waiting for then? Get started by downloading the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, which is available for free on




Tahseen Kazi

Tahseen Kazi

3 Responses

  1. So in order to download Wistia videos, in this article we will recommend a third-party downloader – Allavsoft for you. Allavsoft is a great tool workable on 1000+ websites, almost covering all the popular sites.

  2. Thanks for the post, interesting to read and very similar at some points to a porject I’ve been tinkering with the past couple of weeks after mulling the idea over for a few years. I’d love to know how far you got with the video idea yourself? I’ve got part of the custom video maker wokring locally, yet to release it to the wild.

  3. I’m just confused…. say I’m selling Stock Video… where do I upload that video to be viewed, purchased, and downloaded? They have to “request” a proposal? I want to know – can I upload 4K videos to EDD and sell them directly? Sorry- just gathering info before I jump into a new host and WordPress…

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