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Prioritize Building Relationships With Your Students

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You have no idea how powerful developing a strong relationship with your students can be for your e-Learning business. When you prioritize relationships with your students, you break down every barrier of distrust that exists between you and them. As a result, your student will have a fantastic learning experience. This relationship-based approach improves not only the learning experience but also your e-Learning business as a whole. When you invest in a good relationship with your students, your e-Learning company will gain credibility.
The next question you should consider is, “How do I organize my e-Learning business so that I can build strong relationships with my students?” The WISDM Instructor Role for LearnDash comes into play here.

WISDM Instructor Role

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This Instructor role plugin is unrivaled when it comes to effectively managing an e-Learning business and building a great relationship with the student.
A review of 46 studies from found that strong teacher-student relationships were associated in both the short and long term with improvements in virtually every measure that schools care about, including higher student academic engagement, attendance, grades, fewer disruptive behaviors, and suspensions, and lower school dropout rates.
The WISDM Instructor Role for LearnDash allows you to assign Course Instructors to create, manage, and sell all of your courses without sharing administrative privileges. They will also have direct contact with the students, attending to their educational needs, communicating, and relating with them.
Yes, they will earn commissions for each course sold for the work they do to help the business grow. This plugin will assist you in delegating student management duties to your instructors.
Also, it will help you avoid the hassle of managing the entire e-Learning business by yourself. 
Like that isn’t enough, the WISDM Instructor Role plugin also comes with…

Tons of Extra More Features For You

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These extra features and capabilities will add more value to your business and reinforce the student learning experience. Here are some extra benefits you will get by using the WISDM Instructor Role plugin.
Capability to Create Courses
Courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, and assignments can be created by instructors. In the course, they can even create and award certificates and badges. Furthermore, instructors can assign, view, edit, download, grade, and approve assignments for all students enrolled in their course. This will in turn improve their learning experience.
Commission Based-Payment
For paid courses, you can set up a fixed percentage commission per Instructor. The plugin computes the commission earned on each course purchase by your students automatically. This will encourage your instructors to work hard because their pay is based on their performance.
Management of Student Reports
This feature will improve class performance by assisting instructors in monitoring student productivity and better student engagement. It also contributes significantly to the improvement of the students’ learning experience.
Direct Emails to Students
Improve student-instructor relationship by directly communicating with students who have enrolled in your course, via email. Your instructors can notify students about any updates or give them quick feedback with direct emails sent from the Instructor Dashboard.
Enough of my words, It’s time to hear for yourself…

What our Clients are Saying

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Matija Kasapovic – Owner of | Affiliate Marketer | Blogger
The beauty of the Instructor Role plugin is how it facilitates a delegation of responsibilities, that maximizes the efficiency and productivity of the growing e-learning website. It frees administrators from involvement in common everyday course tasks, allowing them to focus on more difficult administrative issues while letting instructors design courses based on their particular expertise. The Instructor Role plugin is, therefore, an essential solution. Site managers can quickly and safely add new course providers. In doing so, with relatively little effort, they can exponentially expand their site’s course offerings to meet market demand.
Yanur Islam Piyash – Managing Director
Very Good plugin with the BEST of support This extension is kind of the reason I went for LearnDash, knowing that I would be able to have multiple authors on my site. The extension says what it does, though I think they should make the backend neater and a bit more professional. For my taste, I had to modify a few things and contacted their support. They even wrote lines of custom codes for me just to add a few extra compatibilities- which I didn’t expect at all. I will recommend this extension.
Marty Jean-Louis – Founder,
We were looking for the perfect solution to allow vetted instructors to teach courses using our platform. We came across Wisdmlabs and they provided the exact solution we were looking for. We now use several of their powerful plugins to make our site even more robust. Their tech support has been incredible, solving all of our problems quickly and efficiently, and have provided some guidance along the way. They regularly update their plugins for both security and adding new features. They also listen to their clients and add features that will benefit us. I highly recommend this product and will continue to use this for a very long time.


A relationship-based approach to your e-Learning business will never disappoint you. It is the key and secret to establishing a long-term LMS business, which in turn builds trust and profit for your company. The WISDM Instructor Role plugin is exactly what your company requires to generate a massive turnout for your e-Learning business.
Priyanka Gurnani

Priyanka Gurnani

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